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  1. Congrats on the baby Eigun! I know all too well the hassle of getting ready for a deployment. Have a safe and quick deployment. See you in the game when you get back.
  2. Congratulations everyone! Well done!!
  3. Happy ! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one!
  4. Why don't we just get rid of DKP all together and come up with some kind of rolling system? I don't see the big need for DKP in a 25 man setting.
  5. Whoo hoo Grats!! That's one quest i've never done, but remember hearing about it.
  6. I sent you my list Zu, let me know if you didn't get it.
  7. I've never tried healing as a Disc Preist, but I am willing to respec and learn it if it would help out with this fight.
  8. Dabu everyone for the warm B-day wishes. And yes I do love brownies!! Xiris' brownies are excellent if ah do say so myself. Thanks again Happy Birthday!
  9. Lomar


    Happy b-day momma K!! Hope you have a wonderful day!
  10. Grats to you and your whole family!! Hope everyone is doing well..can't wait for pictures.
  11. ESTJ Extraverted 22%, Sensing 50%, Thinking 62%, Judging 56% Famos People Bruce Willis, George W. Bush, Vespasian, Colin Powell, Martha Gellhorn (war correspondent), Lyndon B. Johnson Pretty interesting stuff!
  12. Same here Gord. On the weekends I don't have drill I'd be more than happy to heal anything on Bralor.
  13. Happy B-Day!! Happy Birthday!
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