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  1. Hey Huato. A few of us still play, but we aren't a huge group anymore. Guilds are pretty meaningless with all the cross-server stuff we have going on now. I play on Ugz, a warrior. Add me to your friends list!
  2. Welcome back! yes a few of us are still around and kicking! let us know when you are in game for a guild invite if you want one!!!
  3. You confused me. When I think UNITY...I think of this... [youtube] [/youtube]
  4. Looks like a good time!
  5. Nice! I keep thinking COR POR! IN VAS MANI! Then my favorite spell in the midst of battle, KAL ORT POR! Who remembers what that one is???
  6. That facebook page is full of some major bitterness!
  7. I follow it on and off on occasion. From what I have seen and heard from others it appears to still be in development however changed drastically from its initial inception. I have zero hope for the game currently with Daybreak. I do not log into landmark and have not in some time. I'm simply too jaded against this title being successful now.
  8. I'll hold your knife till you're back!
  9. Hello fellow THE members! As we are not officially entering Archeage with the Honor Empire, I'd like to invite everyone to join us in Cerberus. Come check us out HERE
  10. Martok

    EQ stuff

    Did we decide on if we were having a guild of our own for EQ next? Who is the GM of it? Rumbebore?
  11. Hi Strider! Good to hear from an old friend I'm not currently active, but there is still a great group of Guardians keeping the old flame alive!
  12. I like the portal. Nice start! I keep tearing my stuff down and rebuilding. So many options!
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