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  1. Qiris

    Still here

    In the process of building a new desktop (laptop is moving to media duties) and that means Tain needs to be home to build it. So don't boot me in the meantime please :-)
  2. Hey dude, we feel ya on the unemployment--me for 25 months (hired last Feb) and Tain lost his job last Feb and is still looking. Best of luck to you with the job search, it's a jungle out there. Xiris
  3. Aw I'm late but Happy Birthday, dear, dear friend.
  4. If you end up doing this on a Sat night, I'd be up for it. I just get home too late and too tired during the week to commit to a Friday night.
  5. Qiris


    ::bites Grawuulf and scampers off laughing::
  6. You'd said you were going to hold it one day a week. If that's on Sunday, I'd bring Jiris (healer). Her gear is not good but that's easy enough to overcome. She's disc spec'd, I've never tried holy but would give it a shot.
  7. Oh Evila I am so sorry to hear that. Good luck getting everything restored ::shakes fist at scum-of-the-earth hackers::
  8. Barring another flood, I will be there Tuesday night. I don't think Tain's computer parts will get here in time for him for Tuesday though.
  9. I'm out this week as well. Although my gaming laptop survived and although I could REALLY use the distraction, I need to stay focused on all that insurance/cleaning up crap. If you are friends with me on FB, you can see videos I've posted of the mess. I hope none of you ever get flooded cuz it aint pretty.
  10. I got a picture before the fire department made me leave. It's dark because the power was turned off. I can never remember how to enable HTML here and disable that other stupid code. http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/3-6N6...feat=directlink
  11. Tain and I are almost certainly out tomorrow night. Our apartment flooded pretty badly today (think standing water throughout the entire unit, his computer is toast for sure). We're in a hotel, I don't even have my gaming machine and I don't want to think about everything that's ruined. And I just respec'd too
  12. Sorry for the late notice but something's come up tonight and I will miss the raid. Good luck! Xiris
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