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  1. Maube


    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1268499649/omnomnom-jams-and-jellies Support a small business and a long time Honor Empire Member
  2. Maube


    Just letting folks know I am planning on starting a small business this summer =) http://www.facebook.com/omnomnomjamsnjellies Starting off selling at craft fairs/farmers markets but I will ship! Lots of people tell me the jams are really yummy! Feel free to share the page as it will be growing as things start getting finalized. My partner is doing the legal stuff, I secured the certified kitchen and am currently getting all the information we need to start a Kickstart campaign! Much love! Maube aka Melissa
  3. Wheee - 45 minute Queues early in the morning will mean MASSIVE QQ tonight.
  4. Oh and be ready for the Ques. I wanted to log in and send my companions out on some missions before I went and collapsed on the couch, 45 minute Q at 8:30am
  5. Well I'm game. Unfortunatly I was planning on trying to get a group last night and I started to feel quite ill. Maybe tonight
  6. Maube

    Misfit Raid

    Well we started late, hit many many many bumps along the way, but I am proud to say we did defeat Arthas twice before the Shattering. Many thanks to the people who stuck with us, and thanks to the folks who filled in when we were in a bind. This raid helped very casual people see the content they wouldn't have seen otherwise. And you guys know how I feel about getting everyone to see content =D So thank you again! Much Love!
  7. Maube

    Azeroth Derby

    Due to lack of interest I am cancelling the event =/ maybe next month I can try again!
  8. When: August 21st at 9pm Where: Shimmering Flats Thousand Needles What: The Azeroth Derby! Bring your slow mounts, bring your fast mounts, bring your birthday suits! There will be multiple races of different categories! Prizes to the winners! There will be a sprint - and a longer 'endurance' race - Seperate races for folks like Ret Pallies and Druids that like to cheat on movement speeds! And if you are all really lucky... I just may come up with a scavenger hunt. (If I do that, a 'RP addon' may be required.) Send a message to Maube if you want an ingame invite to the festivities!
  9. Besides the 'guild leveling' will probably offer better rewards with a guild running 25s over 10s. But I personally like this because I have so many damned alts XD
  10. Maube


    ::huggles Wulf!:: Miss you you crazy drunken ######
  11. Can't miss Gabe's birthday party (parents are taking everyone to an indoor waterpark for the weekend) even if we had the funds But have fun!
  12. you know I'll be there =) ::roots around for something good for the auction::
  13. Why didnt I think of baby gating Gabe in the kitchen! XD
  14. Poor Visskar - my guess is that whomever hacked your account was using the mining exploit.. since you had a bunch of ore you didnt already have. The authenticator is very smart investment. Best of luck tho! Glad you had everything returned promptly
  15. Maube


    Happy Birthday Smed Smed Smedders! You still need to send me your address again :dancing_smile: :bunny: :bunny: Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
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