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  1. Jadeynn


    I agree with you, Borg! I miss the old days of us all being together. I wish we all could find that next game we all enjoy. I am unable to play Wildstar after all.. I thought my Alienware laptop, which is about 3 years old, had a decent graphics card, but apparently not.
  2. Jadeynn


    Hi everyone ~ Anyone tried Wildstar yet? There is currently an open beta http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/ I'm in the process of installing now but... when I started the download I got a warning that my graphics card did not meet the requirements
  3. Hi everyone! just checking in and thought I'd see if there was any interest in this mmorpg? If you haven't checked it out, you can do so here http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/media/videos/ be sure to sign up for the beta. Anyway... it looks promising. thoughts?
  4. Jadeynn


    yes, thank you! Downloading now!
  5. Jadeynn


    Sweet! Thank you I will preorder my digital copy on Friday!
  6. Jadeynn


    oo exciting! Count me in!!!
  7. Jadeynn


    Hello everyone~ I've been searching for a new MMO, What is everyone playing these days? I hope everyone is doing well! I miss my Crusher family! *hugs*
  8. Well apparently I have to wait for the new account trial period to expire even though I bought the electronic version of the original game =/ I have a new character, Zariyn that I will be playing until I get Kytae, Jadeynn and Ssyndra transferred. My battlenet id is fallen1.1969@gmail.com hope to see you all soon!
  9. Well I bought the electronic version of WoW but won't be doing any character transfers until I have the expansions. I have a temp char, who is online right now, named Kyttae.
  10. so... is anyone else still around? I've done a /who all Clan Skullcrusher and received 0 Players =*(
  11. So.. After a two year break, I'm seriously considering coming back! the pain ( and expense) is going to be buying the discs because my son took over MY account... And then transferring my characters over to the new account.. I currently have bids in on bc collectors edition and wotlk on ebay * hugs* I've missed you all! I hope I can be welcomed back to the family! and who all is still around?
  12. Jadeynn

    Is anyone...

    Playing Aion? Thinking of giving it a try.
  13. Jadeynn

    Is anyone...

    Playing Aion? Thinking of giving it a try.
  14. Jadeynn


    ROFLMAO!!! GAWD how I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Jadeynn


    WTF???!!! when did you get out of your cage?Happy Birthday!?Happy Birthday!??
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