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  1. Hey All, Wanted to let everyone interested know that a few of us have recreated Clan Skullcrusher on the Classic WOW server: Bloodsail Buccaneers. Look us up if your interested. -Gordantell
  2. Hi All, long time no see. So, as the title asks, anyone interested in playing on a Vanilla Server? Specifically, this group: https://www.elysium-project.org/. If you were following Wow news in 2016 there was a hugely popular Vanilla server that shut down willingly when Blizzard applied so pressure and then starting having talks with Blizzard about setting up Blizzard supported legacy servers. Those talks didn't bring results so the people combined with another group and that's were i'm playing now. I have re-created Gordantell on the Nostalarius PVE server, and might be making totally new toons on the upcoming, completely fresh, Elysium PVP server. Anyways, if anyone has an interest hit me up here or look for me on the PVE server. Gordantell
  3. Hi all, Just wanted to leave a note that I'm moving Gordantell to the Bloodmoon Chosen guild. I'm going to leave alts in Clan Skullcrusher so I'll still be around. Good luck all, Gordantell
  4. I'd like to sign up for this. -Gord
  5. Hey Evila, I'm looking to raid. I can do thursday and Sunday nights (and maybe Monday/Wed depending on college classes). -Gordantell
  6. On that note, I'd like to give a shout out to Ascoli, Kailand, and Smedlock for the help you three gave with earning this Feat of Strength. Also, I have a bunch of cards left over. Ascoli? Any Interest? Kailand? I know you were thinking about it. If any of you three want the left over cards let me know. Gordantell
  7. I love catching upon achievments. Count me in. -Gordantell
  8. I'm interested too. Though I don't have experience with every boss. I'm a good listener and will read up. Gordantell
  9. Sounds like fun, count me in. Gordantell
  10. Nice find there Sky, this was awesome.
  11. Sorry I missed this post. I will add your name to invite roster for subsequent weeks. -Gordantell
  12. Hey all, please toss a reply here once you get signed up. Crushers in the raid, post a quick reply too. -Keytaro (Gordantell)
  13. Hey all, Quick update. The Supersekristash has been renamed "Da Goods" and opened up to access like the rest of the bank. In it you will find raw goods: cloth, uncut gems, the different leather types, ect. Pre-Wotlk stuff will still be placed in the bottom tab. -Gordantell
  14. We have tanking and heals covered, just need a couple other DPS classes, let me know if anyone is interested. Starting 8pm, going to do teh weekly then either TOC or Ulduar, or maybe both (if Toc goes quick). -Gordantell
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