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  1. You can transfer even with an inactive acounnt iirc, though the transfers have brought new life to the game, I hooked up with Exile. http://www.axisofblood.com/ if you happen to feel like rolling on Fatman, hit me up in game. "Smoove" Yeah its a PvP server, but I rarely do PvE, hell Im bout 10 levels behind on my class story lol.
  2. I just checked out the thief class, though it doesnt seem its a true stealth class? At least not being invisible until you decide to attack. Or at least from what Ive seen so far. I dont know If I can pay for another fantast genre, Aion's stealth class kinda caught my eye but apparently is seriously gear dependant. And most of the PvP gear grind requires a lot of PvE.
  3. Sad to hear, as this is the only SciFi genre available, I thought about going back to WoW but I so loathe levelling lol. May go read up on the Druid changes, though I may have to reroll a rogue as Im pretty spoiled with my Scoundrel and Assassin vanish
  4. Pardon my QQ The mass exodus of the majority of the games population is saddening to say the least. Playing this game makes me miss CS soooo badly. Ive now watched 3 guilds die to the attrition of Biowares bad decisions. Even 1 of the largest launch guilds with 2 capped guilds where I have my first smuggler collecting dust on Veela, last time I logged in there were 2 people in guild and 7 on Fleet. :*( Even rerolled to Fatman Imp side, where there it at least the ability to get a group. When Xfers come up is the guild planning on staying or moving to other grounds? Im curious as if there
  5. http://www.gamebreak...aign=BlizzBlues *roffle*
  6. Its never too early, a 100lb 18 yr old girl from my school was walking home from work last fri night and a 250lb man attempted to sexually assault her, she not only beat the brakes off him she threw him over the side of the bridge into the creek. I can say for certain that if she hadnt been training self defense things would have been much different. Thats good to hear, from what Im reading the way the game works rerolling is almost a must to see some area/planets etc. Looks like I know now where I can park a Sith too. Think I have my mind set on a Trooper as I hear healing in PvP is garba
  7. It is sooooo tempting but I dunno which side I wanna hit up, stealth healing class sounds super enticing. Just gotta be able to play and be happy with the game if I only play every couple of weeks sometimes
  8. Figured Id pop my head in and say hello, how goes the battles? I actually recieved an email the other day about a 48hours suspension for gold selling activity, but after merging my accounts and getting on Battle.net Oriahtundra hasnt been seen in some time apparently. No one has seen the cow online have they? I miss shedding blood with everyone, I almost popped in for a scroll of resurrection the other day just to PvP, but the time Id take to rest all my hotkeys and Im what? 10-20 levels under cap now? Lol. I dont think I did but 1 instance in the last 6 months I played(cept raids lol), noth
  9. Since Im on the gaming kick. Ha haa hAAAH!
  10. And accepted, I see you still taking good care of that stud.What is that I see? A non BE toon? *gasp*
  11. Heeeeey, just cuz Im from the south lol I actually wear clothes that fit and even the occasional button ups nowadays. I even own 2 pairs of dress shoes! Granted no slacks... just yet lol.
  12. *sorry so long winded* Hello everyone, the ones that remember me I wanted to apologize, I never really told anyone goodbye. (Granted it was one my usual 4am log ons after the bar and noone else was on as usual) Like most things In my life I find are bad for me one day I tend to walk away and never look back... like I did with smoking. All there was for me was PvP as my playtime dwindled, and beside farming arena points there wasnt too many other PvPers anymore. And it seemed the guild was moving into a more raid heavy framework, the last few times I logged in I think was shortly after
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