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  1. It took Rahgesh and I two days to level to 90, and now we are starting to accumulate raid gear from the Timeless Isle. Seems like they really nerfed everything for end-of-expansion content. MoP seems to have *tons* of really slow and painful rep grinds. I have no specific agenda at the moment, my time is going to get really limited again when school starts up in the fall. We'll see how long the addiction sticks around I have been contemplating leaving the guild however, there is simply no activity in Clanskullcrusher anymore. I'm lucky if there are 2 or 3 people online at any given time. (I know this is blasphemy, but a big part of the game has always been the social aspect of it).
  2. Well I officially got back into the game as of this week. Seems like both the guild and the server got hit pretty bad by "life". Seems like everywhere I go things are deserted. Ah well, seeing the content is fun and brings up feelings of nostalgia.
  3. Hey everyone, Seems like forever, but I was wondering if anyone is still playing WoW? Does Clan Skullcrusher still exist? I was kind of getting the urge to play again, but haven't seen much action in the forums.
  4. Yes, please drink a lot of fruity drinks for Martok. I know he loves those!
  5. Well I can't find a raid and pugging lfr stinks. Usually it's only me and maybe one other person on most nights. The guild is dead. Figuring SWTOR killed WoW for some of us. Time to consider just killing the accounts. I've got assorted herbs, ore, potions, leather, and other mats on the various alts. If anybody wants them, better say something before I vendor them.or just trash them. Skywatcher you must join us in SWTOR, come to the dark side!!! I get your point about WoW, I too (quietly) cancelled my account a while ago. I'd hate to see you dissapear however, you're an awesome guy, had tons of fun raiding with you and you were a great fit in the guild!
  6. Hi everyone, Sorry this took so long, here are the meeting notes for the 1st Vigilance Guild Meeting: New Lord Promotion We are pleased to announce that Isandra's application for Officer position (Lord) has been accepted. As of today she is now an Officer of guild Vigilance. Congratulations! Master and Lord Applications We are still open to receiving new Master and Lord applications. If you are interested in contributing to the guild in a significant way please check-out the sticky post in the General Forums. Note that Master positions are for folks who would like to dedicate themselves to a very focused task (e.g. lore-master, bank-master, flashpoint-master, etc.). The possible tasks for Master positions have not been identified, it is up to the applicant to sell his/her vision. New Viscount and Overseer Positions Folks have been asking for ways to move up the ranks in the guild, so here it is! We have introduced two new ranks; Viscount and Overseer. The Viscount position will be given to member of the guild who have reached level 50 and/or have part of the guild for a significant period of time. This is a symbol of the loyalty and dedication that these members have given to the guild. The Overseer position is a temporary one. It is given to members who have performed well or contributed in a significant way to the improvement of guild life. It is a symbol of their accomplishments in the past while. Invite Policy Reminder This is simply a reminder to members that everyone has invite priveleges. That being said, if you do invite some (whether a player or an alt) you MUST notify an officer of the guild so that he/she may set the appropriate guild member note. Any new players that are not family or personnal acquaintances must also fill out a formal application through our website. Failure to do so will not only result in these individuals not being promoted to the rank of Apprentice, it will also mean their removal from the roster. Wednesday Social Group (by Robnar) Robnar is setting up a social group for fun, leveling and flashpoints every Wednesday evening. It's an opportunity for folks to get together and play the game with friends. If you are interested in forming deeper bonds with other guildmates and wish to indulge in the more social aspects of MMO, please contact Robnar for more information.
  7. Khabe is Armormech -- Scavenging -- Underworld Trading Tevinus is Cybertech -- Scavenging -- Underworld Trading Legattus is Armstech -- Scavenging -- Investigation
  8. Hi everyone, We will be holding our very first guild meeting this coming Wednesday (February 1st)! The meeting will take place at the Drumond Kaas Cantina (1st floor) at 8:00pm server time. We have a few announcements we would like to make and promotions to award This is also a great opportunity for people to take a break from their usual SWTOR activities and meet their fellow guildmates face-to-face (or at least in the context of a virtual world). Note that this guild activity is not mandatory (we won't be breaking anyone's arm), but we would like to heavily encourage people to attend the event. Participation is the key to transforming what would otherwise be a random group of strangers into a collection of friends and family. The event will be making use of the TS server. Please download the latest TeamSpeak client here: http://teamspeak.com/ You can connect to the guild's TS server at: server: clanskullcrusher.guildts.com:4242 password: wobbly Hope to see all you there! Khabe
  9. What the hell?! Already?! Wow guys, that's really amazing! Good job!
  10. Hi everyone, It's already been a few weeks now since the game has been released and I'm very pleased to see that our band of evil-doers has grown significantly in that time. That being said, the guild founders have started noticing some among us taking charge and showing definite signs of leadership. I believe it's important to recognize the contributions that these individuals make and to start sharing some of the day-to-day tasks of guild administration with our members. ------------------------------------------ The following positions are currently open for promotions: Lords -- (Guild Officer Positions): 5 Positions Open Masters -- (Guild Activity Leader): Up to 5 Positions Open ------------------------------------------ Quick Reminder Lords Role: This rank is given to all guild officers. We anticipate that individuals that identify themselves as being leaders and having a long history of contributions to the guild will be made into Lords. Masters Role: This rank is given to guild members in charge of specific guild elements such as role-play/lore, resources (a.k.a. guild bank), heroics/flashpoints, operations, etc. Masters are given permissions similar to Lords but their rank is conditional as long as they continue in their responsibilities. ------------------------------------------ Application Procedure: To apply to either of these positions you must reply directly to this thread and provide answers to the following questions: 1) What position are you applying for? (Master or Lord) Lord Application: 2) Why do you think you would make a good guild officer? 3) What improvements would you bring to the guild? 4) What past experience do you have in administrating a guild? (We are more interested in the "what" and not so much the "where"/"when") Master Application: 2) What specific element of day-to-day guild life would be responsible for? (e.g. resources/banking, operations, role-play, forum activities, heriocs/flashpoints, etc.) 3) What can we expect from you in your proposed role? 4) How long would like to maintain your added responsibilities? 5) At the end of your tenure, would like to be considered for a position as an officer? ------------------------------------------ Selection Process: All applications will be reviewed by the founding guild members. The review process will occur on a weekly basis. Any candidate deemed worthy will be given a 1-month trial in their selected role. At the end of the month guild founders will either accept or reject the permanent assignment of the candidate. If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding the promotion process please feel free to ask Reavus, Syban, Balandar or myself. Regards, Khabe
  11. Bah, that's crap. Lots of people going slow as Orcala said, and others starting new ones as they try to find what they like. Definitely not too late to catch up. I agree with Kadi on this one. This isn't like another WoW expansion, there is so much to do, so much to see and learn. "Being behind" is very subjective, starting now is by no means an indication of falling behind.
  12. Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to re-iterate some of our guild chat guidelines. At this time we are taking a laid-back approach to the guild channel. We will not enforce any minimum RP requirements or explicitly censor any topic. That being said, we want to make it very clear that it is every guild-mate's duty and responsibility to foster an environment of camaraderie and cooperation. Not everyone will want to participate in role-play and, likewise, not every player wants to have a discussion about last's night's episode of American Idol. Storyline spoilers should be kept to a minimum. Please understand that we have players with various levels of commitment to the game and they may not want to have the story revealed to them prematurely. It goes without saying however, that as players progress they will want to discuss their experiences and adventures. Players who choose to be in a guild must realize that being a part of a community also means that may be exposed to such elements. For everyone's enjoyment I ask that guild members keep in mind their fellow guild-mates when using guild chat. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! Khabe
  13. Thanks for the freebie last night. I don't know what you need for mats, but I now have archaeology, underworld trading and synthweaving if anyone needs anything. I too will give out freebies to help a guildee. I wish they would add the guild bank already, that would be extremely helpful in coordinating this stuff :S
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