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  1. Thank you for that reply, it's refreshing to see people have good thoughts about the game. I guess with me it has to be all the fail pugs I've tried. I would like to explore the instances, but the reality for me has been dismal at best unless I get so lucky and find a group of Crushers or other friends doing instances.
  2. Like Katak, I have really been burnt on all the games that I've spent money on and tried out, Age of Conan, Star Trek online (yes I did purchase it), Lords of the Ring, War Hammer (never opened the original box), Eve, Guild Wars and Guild Wars II, Star Wars the Old Republic. All of these have something to keep my interest but not for long. I started with the T.H.E. during the Star Wars Galaxies game. That may have been a great game, but was mishandled and left to die. I know what World of Warcraft was doing and I soon found out when we all hit the first expac together. That hurt, it was very painful for everyone. Then as we continued into the next 2 expac's I started to become a recluse. This last expac is just more of the same with a new coat of paint. This group has always been an awesome source of fun and friendship. I suspect that it will not change. To answer the question, is the guild dying. No, but the game sure is. There are a few that are still playing, one in particular that is still on quite a bit. There is just no one interested enough to lead a raid or keep groups going. But who couldn't see the signs of that? Kung Fu Panderia - - Just screams, stick a fork in me I'm done. Take it easy with those of you who are exiting the game and for the rest, I hope to see you online at some point
  3. *shivers* Bad memories . . . *note to self, I don't raid because . . .*
  4. Lets see . . . I've been a member of beta since 2008. Popped in an out of beta through out that time. Not even month 4 into release and every class will see some changes. I'm not sure weather to be worried or excited about that concept. Now on the other hand, I am very excited for the Legacy system to be active.
  5. Good wishes from the darkest of shadows . . .
  6. I got into that diablo one year deal also, feeling your pain. Been looking for another game to sink my time into, SWtOR seems to fit the bill nicely. One 50 and 2 more close behind, won't see anyone on the sith side. Way too evil for me and the kids to be involved in. But I can say that one of my lowbees have been killing a few of the Vigilance people and some winterwolves. Don't like doing that but if the title is red it must be dead!! I will most likely pop in when the next expac for WoW releases, but till then, I'm pretty much (out of site out of mind) for most of the crushers I'm thinking. Remember, play to have fun!! Stop all the QQ it gets really old after a while. Core aka Smed aka Eric
  7. He forgot all the little critters that where added, boy did that make those scenes or what? Did anyone get the BlueRay version?!?! Do you think it's worth getting . . . A long time ago . . . In a galaxy far far away . . .
  8. Corellon


    Hmm, why are you trying to log into WoW? Thought you stopped playing it? The last time this happened to me, I used the repair tool that is in the directory with the launcher. You will have to reload your addon's when you do this, but it did fix my issue at that time.
  9. Hey Stan, The title of this says (part)8, that means there are 7 prior to this one? If so, how many more is there, or is it a series that is being released?
  10. I did notice that with this patch, that if you where able to get a higher level flashpoint quest, you may want to look again before trying to enter. It's not mentioned, but I think they set level limits.
  11. It's a hack, but yeah you can do it . My daughter found this too and thought it was very funny.
  12. I see that haven't fixed me dieing a lot yet. . . Maybe I didn't read correctly, I don't see the fix of the yellow walls around flight points yet. Seems to get worse the later in the day it gets.
  13. I'm going to try a few of these tonight and see what is or isn't there. http://www.swtor-spy.com/datacrons/
  14. I got mine, two days to download client and then I had 2 days of family stuff then Sunday night late I was guided through 10 levels by a very nice person. Monday server goes down 1 hour after I logged in now I will have to wait for the que tonight. That didn't really seem worth it, but I am all ready to play now. Rebel side Correlon.
  15. Sounds like a really fun game!! How do I play?
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