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  1. Kalea

    Guild dying?

    I only stayed around for the people too, Orcala, but it's just not interesting when the game is nothing more than another set of endless dailies. I'm letting my subscription expire and moving on to all the interesting things there are to do with life! I'll miss you all, but just can't stay in something where to game itself is more of a chore than fun. *hugs to you all* Momma Moo
  2. Kalea

    Guild dying?

    I talked to Verissi, Orcala, and we'd like to continue to recruit new members the old-fashioned way. We may be small these days, but we'd like to stay picky. If there's someone you'd like to join us, let me know and I'll try to talk to them.
  3. Kalea

    Guild dying?

    Orcala, the guild leader, Verissi, is online almost every night. Look for him the next time you sign in. Who were you wanting to invite? I'm around off and on myself, but I'll talk to V when I see him next.
  4. You already let every female in Azeroth lead you around by the ..... nose. If you had a nose ring, they'd just put a rope in it.
  5. These are really nice, Morgh. Thank you for the effort!
  6. NEVER!!!! There would never be a night's undisturbed sleep for anyone in the camp! *hears Scryll's soft voice wafting out into the night, making suggestions, followed by a loud string of curses in Orcish* The Clan would never recover, and a drunken Uglutz, staggering through the camp, drunk, singing and cursing before falling into the peetub, would seems like a fond memory of days gone by.
  7. Absolutely fantastic, Chief!! Thank you for putting so much thought and time into the newspaper. It was so nicely done and so much fun to read! Now could we bring in a few kodo to get Uglutz out of the peetub? It need to be decontaminated before the next Peon to Grunt ceremony!
  8. This one still looks toxic to me, son, but congratulations! Just be careful that it doesn't poison the inhabitants of Orgrimmar and get you banned from the city.
  9. I still can't wrap my head around the idea of you, a father. What was your wife thinking? It's a very busy, and exciting, time for you. Be safe overseas and find some time to learn how to change diapers. Good luck to you, Eigun. We'll look forward to hearing your stories when you return. Safe journey, literally. Kalea
  10. Kalea

    Misfit Raid

    Congratulations to you all!!
  11. Kalea

    Still here

    Me either, Scryll! We'll hunt you down and Xiris will bite you while I thump your nose! *settles down with her kungaloosh and tries to look innocent*
  12. I understand, Eigun. I have grandpets. Already have it set to record. The YouTube videos are amazing.
  13. Kalea

    Thank You

    I wanted to thank Ascoli, Kailand, Kadiana and Vharn for helping me finish the Achievements to get a Ruby Drake. I know I'll never live down talking to an old friend that's just come back to the server and letting Ascoli die...twice. *mutters about Pallies tanking in ret form when the healer is trying to carry on a conversation* I'm sorry, Ascoli. I guess this means I don't get to heal you again. *hangs her head in shame* I really do appreciate it. Thank you all. Kalea
  14. This sounds really good, Eigun, but I would suggest making it a little earlier. Maybe 7:15-7:30. Most raids form about 7:45. There are lots of locations we can choose that everyone can get to easily.
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