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  1. Well, as you know, I've got family stuff to take care of, but I'd be willing to stand in when I can. Aletia - 70 pally healer (ya know me ) Sunfeather - 70 feral druid (not really geared) times? as long as I have sunday free, anytime is fine.
  2. Lies! Poor shaman are not allowed cc, else all of warcraft would explode. But if true... *happy moo dance*
  3. As I'm sure ya'll could tell from the past two weeks, my life is a bit stressed right now. So to help cut down on the chaos, I'm calling off my Kara run indefinitely. Ya'll have been wonderful running with me through Kara and stealing all the silver, and I look forward to dragging everyone through more dungeons of various repute in the future. I'll be around in game, just not on a regular basis. Hugs!
  4. Raeda


    Aw Just when I'm coming back too. Take care and we'll watch after your stuff while you're gone.
  5. This is awesome win. Thanks for the giggles!
  6. *gigglefits* Mohawk.... BWAHAHAHA
  7. Raeda

    OK you geeks

    Well, as much as I love my Mac, the operating system doesn't have that large a selection of games available. (Altho that's changing, EA is moving to develop for Macs now, and other MMOs are going to the mac such as Eve, so, there's hope) However, since you're not asking about Macs I'll recommend a Dell. They seem fairly reliable, it's just they have this nasty thing on them called Windows. Beware Vista.
  8. I am interested, but my free time is limited to Sundays - which is my Kara raid. However, we've made good progress through that and shard a lot of the stuff we see nowadays. We may be considering moving on soon.
  9. Raeda


    ::hugs:: Take care! We'll still be around if you ever step a toe back in WoW.
  10. Aw! I'll miss the big moo around. But, I'd rather you enjoy what you're doing than it feel like a drag. Take care, and we'll miss you! ::hugs::
  11. Sorry I haven't uploaded my lists recently, but I can cut the enduring talasite.
  12. Just a heads up, there is a clan meeting this Sunday at 8pm server time! Please try to attend!
  13. We've gotten through a lot of Kara, but there so much more to explore and not enough time in one night! So, we need a second night to tackle the tower. List the days of the week and the hours you are available, and I'll mash together something that'll work for us.
  14. The original site is www.lfgcomic.com. It's got a biweekly comic with more Richard luv. Go read!
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