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  1. Necroing a dead thread instead of starting a new one - anyone still active over here? I'm Horde side with all but one alt, with Xuato being my main (Balance Druid, Resto off-spec). If anyone needs a hand with Mythic+'s I'd be happy to lend a hand (dps or heal).
  2. So how does one go about properly applying for guild membership these days? I'd love to rejoin and am willing to go through the app process again if that is what you need me to do.
  3. Even when on hiatus, you can still get teabagged... Too True. Working on catching up to current content, but it's going to take a while. Almost to 83 now...at least I still recall some of the Cata content and going through it quickly.
  4. Cool! I transferred back to AD last night, had to pick a new name since there is a level 1 Tauren Warrior squatting on Huato He's now named Muraco.
  5. Thought I'd drop by and say hello. Considering moving the Shaman back to Argent Dawn (moved him to a PvP server for a while to play with real life friends) and am looking for old friends to hang out with. Need to level him though - haven't really played him since Wrath and I'm out of practice lol Anyhow, hope everyone is doing well!
  6. And I am grateful that it is more difficult! It's more rewarding than the breeze through everything mode that other one ended up becoming.
  7. Ok, I hit 22 last night and put a point into the talented charge and that seems to have done wonders for my damage. I also had the chance to tank a Flashpoint for the first time and that was fun, although I'm specced completely into Deception (DPS) and that made it a bit challenging. I finally had to break down and get a fortitude stim and that made the difference on a boss.
  8. Martok, I was referring to PvE, especially compared to other classes/specs it feels weaker. Dunno why, but then again my assassin is only level 21 and perhaps the better abilities come in during the later levels. In a warfront last night Jedi Consulars and Sith Sorcerers were wrecking everyone...I think there was one assassin in the thing (I was on my powertech).
  9. Thank you for this link - I didn't find a one on Hutta...now I get to go back And I only found one on Korriban, and one on Dromund Kaas. I have some exploring to do now.
  10. So far I love the game, and I haven't had too much trouble in general chat getting into or organizing my own groups for the heroic quests or Flashpoints. Guild chat seems to be pretty quiet most of the times that I am on in the evening, but I am guessing that has a lot more to do with the way the story/quests play out than anything else right now. I'm trying to come to grips with my Sith Assassin though. At 21 it feels like he is not doing enough damage compared to other classes, and I've been reading trying to figure out if it is the way I am playing, specced, etc, and it looks like I've specced right for DPS and am using the right abilities. I have a level 12 Powertech and he seems to do more damage than my Assassin and has better survivability. I'm going to keep plugging along on the Assassin and hope it gets better, but I don't see many Assassins and I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't because of what I am experiencing. I have my ship, but have only flown a couple of places and have not participated in combat yet. I know I read an article from the producers before release and they said they viewed/intended it to be more of a mini-game that players could do if they wanted yet not be penalized if they didn't want to do it. They also said they may add more to it a way-later date, but it's going to stand as is for the time being. As a huge fan of the X-Wing and Tie-fighter series (I'm showing my age here), I'd love to see space combat evolve into something like that in the game.
  11. Main: Aphannis (Sith Assassin) No alts at this time Most would remember me from the WoW days as Huato/Zuato
  12. Aphannis (SI). I posted my last post on my Kindle Fire just fine.
  13. I received my invite email this morning but wont be able to play until later this evening. I'll post my character name here and add a siflgnature once I'm in and settled on a more Star Wars appropriate name.
  14. OMG. You guys crack me up! My wife asked what I was laughing at and I told her she'd never understand lol
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