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  1. Hey everypeoples. EA has announced that preorders are available for TOR. They are limited (the collector's edition has already sold out) so if you want to play at launch, you should probably get your order in soon. Neat!
  2. Hey guys. I got into the early testing program for this game. It's looking pretty good. I'm leaning heavily towards the Sith side. They have pretty much identical classes on both sides (at least from what I've seen so far). I've tried both sides out, and I find the stories for the Sith characters to be more compelling. I spose it's the bad guy coming out in me
  3. Heya homo sapiens. Your friendly old-time neighborhood rogue got into the early testing program for TOR. Thus far I've played a bounty hunter, a jedi consular, and a sith warrior up to around level 10. It's a-lookin' pretty pretty good. Do any THE folks still have interest in this game? I, for one, will definitely be giving it a go when it goes live.
  4. Hey Rhoach, your the one that told me all about those and suggested to get one. If I remember correctly it was gravy you where using it for then too. And it was good, for corn's sake!
  5. Don't get eaten, Bar-taco!
  6. Do some merry Loam'age, Loamer!
  7. Those were great I don't have a screenshot, but I have grouped with a fellow (from AD, no less) on numerous occassions named 'Brobiwan.' Blood elf pally, go figure. p.s. I love you, Bro Montana.
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