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  1. Hey Cal! I just happened to be looking at the forums as I was intrigued by the recent trailer release. I'm giving serious thought to messing around in the expansion, although I have no idea what my playtime will be. Likely, it will be limited. "Life", as you said, has a way of stealing us all away... probably for the better. Feel free to keep in touch.
  2. Think you'll stink with BM, Ug? I think I'm headed that direction.
  3. I'm over on Sith Meditation Sphere had a small que Come on over
  4. I just hope the stress test doesnt stress things so much that we can't play
  5. I got in as well, although I'm not sure how much time I'll have to play
  6. Heyas, Ky! Glad to hear you're coming back! I'm not sure about those problems... probably a question for V. I've been doing alot of pvp lately, and have been a little braindead in game as RL is kicking my butt. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask! Glad to hear things are going well! - Bar
  7. Harne! Your mom says hi! ;p
  8. After looking at some things, I think I will as well... I'll get on that tonight.
  9. You're bleeping kidding me...
  10. Verify? Nah. Honestly, it looks like Eigun before he shaved on Uglutz' body. Good job with the photoshop ;p
  11. RAWR! Thank you! I wanted to post earlier, but for some reason, the computer I had access to while travelling didn't like this website... go figure! Thank you very much for the birthday wishes! ;p
  12. Happy Birthday, Mamma Moo! ;p Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! :eatchicken: :eatchicken: :eatchicken: :dancing_smile: :dancing_smile:
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