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  1. AHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAA *leaps in and drop kicks scryll in the face with both hooves* pow, right in the kisser!
  2. I've been adding people, the raid will be 11pm on saturday. if you still want to go give me info and likely hood, totalled 16 including the people who posted here
  3. yes, I couldnt get 25 together but if any other crushers want to go it will either be saturday or wensday depending. I've been talking with the 10 I know I can get and I think saturday is best for gruuls. if we could get a posting or something and try next weekend, right now we're cancelling in favor of ZA since I could only scrounge about 12. gruuls is a good gear check for most raids, magtheridon is slightly harder but not intensely so. if any more are wanting to join you can contact me in game via mail and I will add you to the list of people wanting to go. eventually sign ups will be mandatory and I can provide site information or we can unearth the crusher sign ups.
  4. thanks baracko but we got signups on mostlyguild.com if the set up there gets to confusing, which it is kinda because you have to sign up with the site AND then the boards. we'll see cause I dunno but please sign up or leave a message here if you'd like to go! We're set for a trial run saturday, april 12th at 11pm. I dont think we'll have him down the first run but who knows! I'll ask in OOC and guild before the raid incase people who dont always look at the sky pages wanna go.
  5. ok everyone! well it seems there were plan changes and its been shifted to saturday! signups are on mostlyguild.com, you'll have to register twice once with the site and once with the board. I couldnt get any info on if we could use crusher sign up and make it a crusher raid but who cares! the first attempt is saturday the 12. sign up we need lots of people! trying to get more to come so it may be a multi guild raid but who knows, if we get lots of crushers it can be just a mostlyharmless and crusher raid!
  6. looks like I'll be looking to try it 9pm on wensday nights, if people can make it please mail me in game or post here. I'd like to see crushers who need stuff from gruuls, alts or otherwise, join in.
  7. heya all, currently my saturday kara run is downing all bosses on tuesday and saturday so I'm looking to start phasing it out slowly and starting a gruuls run on a friday or tuesday. it'll be a short and sweet raid as gruul is a pansy so long as we get the strat right. anyone who'd be interested can post here on which days they will do it and what times so I can look at what time we'll start, it'll be a 25man raid that eventually will change from gruuls to SSC once we start giving away tokens cause people dont need em. I will be looking at peoples gear to see atleast improvement from week to week, tokens given will be based on attendance then DKP to break ties. ie be here or you get nothing, hope to see alot of crushers involved in this!
  8. Brainah

    Wed. ZA

    well I'd like to keep running ZA as either brainah or jaern, problem is we're not really meshing that well, I'd propose to keep it weekly. if people need gear I'm running a saturday raid that constantly needs replacements for whatever reason in kara. we've already downed prince, this weekend (23rd) we arent running but if people want to make and impromptu raid there I'm up for that. the wensday night ZA is to short imo.
  9. hey! my names not on the list grrrrr, Jaern is boomkin/caster DPS and Brainah is melee DPS/support! add meh! dieeee
  10. I've committed Jaern to a saturday raid but I havent done much with brainah lately, if its any other day I might be able to bring the ol mace crazy along as I still am looking to get the axe from prince and trinket from opera. Beyond that I'd like to start another ZA for any on this raid once we get more people geared up as well as combine my saturday Kara with any and all who'd like to make a second Gruuls/Magtheridon day.
  11. cool, glad theres some interest. it'll probably be a saturday thing for fun, not sure about the time and such but the day is always up for change
  12. heyo all, its been a while since I've posted here and its a question I pose to crushers. would anyone be interested in keying and doing naxxramas, serious question because I've never been to naxxramas and now that we are so much beyond it I would like to go back and see content we never got to. I would be willing to organize and lead a raid into AQ40/naxx with interested people, if any are interested post here and we'll see how many of you would enjoy this. it would be a no stress raid, its non DKP, everyone can roll. it would be loot master but completely open: ie dont roll on the boomkin crap if your a warrior unless no one wants it. this would be a chance for us to experience, if enough here besides those I've personally asked would like to go post. I will be approaching BMC and winter wolves about this as well. Brainah
  13. doom you! <bashs skulls in left and right> well I'm bored with DAOC yet again and my schedule may allow me to play I'd be back part time to raid as long as I can still just beat on things and not have heal
  14. http://vidsearch.myspace.com/index.cfm?fus...ideoid=10042465 watch it! now! dooooo itttttt
  15. nah nothing to do with the patch notes just no time, doesnt mean you wont ever see me at all, none of you get off that scott free
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