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  1. oh yeah how can I forget the valley of fire. Been there twice all ready and have barley scratched the surface if al the trails they have there. forgot about the springs preserve too that is right in town. Jestin, Markenhoof, Foro, and Dregloth I know you all want to come. so lets hear some input.
  2. There has been talk of the Crushers invading Las Vegas. I have heard from a lot of folks that they want/plan to go. But nothing has been set in stone yet. Lets make this topic for discussing dates, and any specific plans someone might want to discuss. The time frame I have been hearing from at least one group is April. I'm kind of partial to the weekend of April 9-11(the 10th is my B-Day and who better to celebrate it with than you guys in real life) There are thousands of hotels to choose from. You can stay on the strip from as little as $75/night(Hooter hotel and casino) to $259/night(Bellagio/Wynn) There are also plenty of other hotel/casinos Fremont street (downtown) has range from $49/night (Fitzgerald) to $110/night for the golden nugget. Some of the station casinos that are not near those 2 spots( but not more than a 10 minute drive) have rates for $28. I do know a gal who works for one of the hotel groups and she said when i have a definite number of rooms needed and a date to let her know and she would see what kind of group rate she could get us. I Look forward to seeing most of you out here. And remember there are lots of other things to do besides drink and gamble while your out here. Were only a couple hours from the Hoover damn. If anyone planned to stay more than the weekend the Grand Canyon is with in driving distance. We left out house at 6 am drove there walked 2 or 3 miles and we were home by 9 pm. Mt Charleston is a short drive for any hikers/out doors type. And way to many other things to mention. Kalea what other fun things or cheap spots am I missing?
  3. Happy Birthday Ma.. oh wait thats me thanks guys Ill try to have enough fun today for everyone
  4. As long as work doesnt secide to get in the way Both Marrania and Kanina are at your service. Kanina can and has mage tanked before.
  5. I belive Keepers of Time also have a nice one
  6. Ok I suck at making flashy post so here goes a crappy one. Summer BBQ When: Sat July 26 Where: Stony Creek Metro park, Shelby TWP MI, just nort of detroit. Why: To hang out meet some folks in real life and have a great old time. We have folks allready coming from Ill and Indiana. For those of you comming in from outta town there are dozens of hotels in the area. ranging from 50ish to 150 depending on your price range and comfort level. So no excuses from you Ohio folks. Folks coming in from outta town we will be going out friday night and have a few adult beverages. Anyone intrested pleas http://www.metroparks.com/parks/pk_stony_creek.php ok Dont know how to make that a real link
  7. It copys your charecture straight from the armory everytime someone pops in your name. Problem is sometimes it takes to long to get the report back so it will use the last one it had. If noone has ever searched you there will be nothing to show. If you try and find your other guys when there is not so much armory traffic it should work.
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