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  1. Crikrunner


    Or if any has an extra buddy key, (they went live yesterday), I'd love to check Potbs out. Missed the open beta saddly to busy playing wow, silly me. Taking a break from wow, kind of enjoying all the free time i have now Just played LOTRO for a week, really liked it. If I can convince Volonazra, Gordy, or Naraja to go play it with me be fun to explore for a month or two, do see it getting boring once you've finished the story line though.
  2. Found a great site, links together all the macros, strategies, class combos that have been proven to work well in arena, also has a great search feature for all the over 2000 rated teams!!! Arena Junkies
  3. *Shakes a fist at Elrikk* was it you that went grocery shoping sick and got me sick?!? Sorry I didn't make it last night went to bed at like 830, totally wiped out. Hope all went ok, see you next week.
  4. Thanks for endless day dreams Gary, dream well
  5. Crikrunner

    Wed. ZA

    Saddly I won't be able to make my own run the next two weeks. Birthday this wed.(20th) Along with a Full Lunar Eclipse at (7:01pm est to 7:51 est , even the muun takes an hour off for me ) , and a hockeye game two wed. from now the 27th. If you can find a replacement please continue the run, maybe just practice the first boss see if you can't get him under the timer, no pressure on me when i'm back. Looking down the road I am playing too much right now, and maybe wanted to cut the run down to an every other week, or once a month thing? Love all your inputs? Smedlock? Kargoch? Waldy? Scryll? Rhoach? Volnazra? Brainah? Nais? Kalea? Julloch? Guilozak? Betel? you fill in sometimes anyone else i've forgotten i applogize your input is wanted too ---Crik
  6. I'd be willing to bring Crikrunner to heal for you until you can find a permenent healer, like 2 or 3 weeks i can give you. I'm currently busy tues-thursday monday works for me. I have errands to run tonight but might be able to make it after 8pm. Not sure if you planning on starting tonight?
  7. the anti-cc bit was my favorite I wonder if Rank1 earthshock is less aggro then polymorph
  8. lol Must read for all shamans and those that group with them, very informative. Dabu
  9. Crikrunnah clomp da girlie Rhoach, em nub read guud but wanna enter dah contest it dit nub too late?
  10. Looking over what I've read ubuntu + wine is about a 30% drop in frame rates on fps , due to decreased video card efficiency , how ever ubuntu does use cpu more efficiently. I'm going to add a 2nd hd to my computer and put unbuntu wine and wow on it and compair frame rates under similar conditions. Only difference will be the new hd with linux on it will be faster(sata 3g/s @7200rpm vs. my old ide 7200 rmp?) but that should only effect load times unless I'm paging alot. I'll let everyone know how it turns out. The more I read the more I'm leaning towards the wolfdale 45nm dual core chip, (250$) everything I've read says the more expensive motherboards really offer no advantages for gaming only 1-2% upgrade for a cost upgrade of 100-200%. Assuming both boards are evenly overclockable which most are anymore, the more expensive ones just give you more sata ports / ram slots from what i've seen. Which past 2 ports and room for 2-4gigs of ram I dont need.
  11. I typically buy a separate cooling system as most included ones are sub-par kind of like the power supplies that come with most cases. OS wise I'll be going legit and probably buying a copy of xp. I used to have access to XP pro but I think the disks/serial number are lost and technically belonged to Ohio University. Pretty much what I was reading on quad-cores, didn't realize the extra ram would be a waste though. I've always wanted to try linux but my understanding was dx9 and greater games you can't play at all? Or am I mistaken? My question was really go with a quad-core assuming some os down the road would use it better, or dual core 45nm chip like the Wolfdale currently out preform them? I currently have a pci-e 7600gt not the best but runs well enough for mmo's and fps on low settings. Need to get a sata hd down the road too as ide is slowly becoming extinct. Thanks all for the advise keep it coming!
  12. Since its tax season and US residents with income might be getting 600$ back in addition in the spring I know I'm thinking of rebuilding my rig. Basically I'll be needing an os, mb, cpu, ram, ps. I'll be reusing my hd, case, drives, monitor, video card, mouse, keyboard, etc... Any suggestions? Came across this deal at tiger direct. Been doing my research using mostly techspot.com compairsons of hardware side by side in a similar rig. Any one else have sites they trust the research off of? Basically I'm looking for the best bang for my buck. Leaning towards a 45nm chip set instead of the 60 listed above i know the newer E8200 = the older E6850 (275$) in actual frame rates on most games I play. Yet even faster the E8400 is only (250$) Dabu
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