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  1. That kid looks aaaangry. I think it's the hat. It's a cloth hat with +spelldmg when he's CLEARLY an up-and-coming Warrior.
  2. Baracko is my Love Doctor...
  3. It's not too late to name the kid Alhazad, you know.
  4. Hua, if you need help, I'm usually always around on Alhamode or occasionally on Alhazad. Alhamode and a 65 rogue finished the Nessingwary quests, so you don't need a large group for those. I'd suggest 3 to 5 for Durn, though.
  5. Something else to note... if you get a Paladin as one of Moroes' adds, they will buff him and the others with Blessing of Might. This might even be a supercharged version of Blessing of Might, as it allows Moroes to pump out some major damage. Our group was dealing with that until we realized the buff was happening... it must be purged off of Moroes at least, and the other mobs if and when you fight them. If you're short on shackles, don't forget the Paladin's ability to fear undead. That's 20 seconds of a mob running around feared, and the paladin can re-fear 30 seconds after casting. There's a slight chance the mob might fear out of the room, however... this would reset the event. I've never seen it happen, but you've been warned
  6. Fun stuff I'm reading that Firebrand's fireballs ignore Fire Resistance, so +stam gear would be more valuable. The fireballs can be mitigated by Fire Protection pots, though.
  7. Alhazad


    What, no Men of the Horde calendars? Both Alhs are disappointed. There goes their chance at stardom!
  8. Alhazad


    Here I am, attending your guild meeting.. I swing the camera around.. and just happen to find a good angle on the action
  9. If you're all like "OMG pally plz?!" then I'm your elf. I'm usually on Alhamode, grab me sometime. You know you want to.
  10. If any are in need of a Shadow Labs run, I can heal or tank for them. Just look me up on Alhamode.
  11. omg. You guys are all Karazhaning it up! <sniff> I'm so proud. Wait, that's jealousy, not pride...!
  12. I'll show up just to add to the sexiness.
  13. omg now I must gush too It's been a wild ride and more fun than should be legal, and I look forward to more of it in the expansion. You guys, Crushers and friends-of-the-Crushers, are great people that have made my gaming and my life that much more vibrant. Thank you for that. See you in Outland!
  14. I would be happy to run a ZG now and then to get Bar that chestpiece. Even with BC out, it is still a nice piece of gear that may not be replaced for a while...
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