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  1. I think I'll reactivate my account after several months of inactivity. I was just catching up on the website, it's good to see so many of you still playing. I tried other guilds and servers, but my best time was had while I played with the Crushers. I had bad memories with the Winterwolves as the game felt more like work and the negative attitudes and ego of the executive officers really put a bad taste in my mouth for what a game should be. I would say more but I like Odenn and he was the only one that was alright in my book. When I went to a PVP server, it was fun, with constant joking and laughing the whole time while raiding. It was pure pleasure. It felt like the Crushers all over again. I hope to see everyone again soon. Relikk
  2. He sure is a handsome baby! Rel
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    Home Stretch

    Funny word to use "stretch" when your pregnant, especially on delivery day... Rel
  4. ROFL! Hey losers! I won another lottery! I just don't know what I am going to do with all this money I am going to get... Anywayz, Mr. Habeb Jalifer let me know that he wants me to receive the 33,100,000 (THIRTY THREE MILLION ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS). I contacted him a few months ago and there is a small fee to transfer the money - so I sent that and apparently I am late so there is a late fee (good gosh, these late fees of 3,000 are horrendous) and somehow there is another fee so I will send that right off to get my money. I am also the 999,999,999 visitor and won 1 million. LOL! I just keep winning!!!! Oh, just got this email this morning: WINNING NOTICE! KRASLOTEN PROMOTION BV POSTBUS 3045, 2280 GA, RIJSWIJK, Netherlands. Attn; REF NO; ILPB642857301 In view of the yearly sweepstake of the above named organization held on the 16th of March, 2007. It is my pleasure to inform you that your e-mail address attached to the above Ref No, ticket number (45407),serial number 51622, lucky numbers 3-18-40-40-76, batch number EULO/2907/444/908/06 came up in the first dip. This invariably means that you have emerged as the prize recipient in the first category with an allocated sum of One Million United States Dollars(US$1,000.000.00). Be informed that all participants were selected from a randon computing ballot system. This email sweepstake is sponsored by a group of corporate organizations and governmental parastatals drawn from major cities in Europe. To file for your claim and other enquiries,contact the designated Fiducial consultant: Mr. Mark Fish Contact Email: grouploto48@aim.com Tel: +31-633-770-311. Please note all winning must be claimed not later than 6th April, 2007. Congratulations once more Faithfully yours' Mrs. Linda Jansen. ** See, another cool million. There is a transfer fee there, so I will send that right off too. ROFL! Losers!!!! I know you wish you were me... I am so lucky! Oh, and I keep winning laptops by visiting sites and being the 1 million visitor...so if anyone needs one, let me know! Rel
  5. What's even more amazing is future engine development, pulse driven engines - whereby instead of using the typical burn off deflagration, they intend to cause an explosion in a chamber. In simpler terms, it's like taking a heavy metal lid and placing a brick of fire crackers under it and lighting it off. Each detonation causes the lid to pop up. There is huge promise in an engine like that because you don't have many complex valves, crank shafts, pistons, etc. The exciting news is that it can be used in space to achieve speeds previously unknown - however, the controversy is that nuclear detonations would leave a radio-active trail through space - and we would simply be doing what we are doing with automobiles. Also, they are unbelievably loud. I still love the sound of drag racing engines though, I still prefer to listen to dragsters going down the track over rocket propelled cars. Rel
  6. I'll send some gold to Smedders tonight to cover expenses. Congrats on progress so far =) Rel
  7. I agree Waldo. I think the best way to tackle a tough group like that is to prepare prior to raid. 1) Start out by buying drinks (I consider this the warrior charge). Make sure your group buffs you up prior to the attack tho, they should inflate your ego to ensure you can take the first few crits on confidence should they toss a few snips at you. 2) Cheesy come-on lines are bad, unless you are well versed such as moi on tactical use. For instance, going in with "Haven't I seen you somewhere before" or "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this" won't work if you are serious. They will use their cooldowns on you, and you will be forced to wadle back to your group in flames / running out the instance. However, I have done a twist on a line like that before which did work, I simply followed it up with "You like that line? I have more..." which made her laugh. Basically, if the boss target is laughing, and you continue with your wit to make her laugh, you'll be soon be picking up the lewtz. Rel
  8. *From the Warrior Forums* As many of us are starting to gear up for the new "end-game" encounters via heroic 5 mans and what not, I feel that it is time to share the strategies I have found most useful for attempting some of the hardest runs you may ever face, that of attempting to pick up chicks at a bar. These strategies however rely upon teamwork, you will find little if any advice on soloing this type of instance. In advance I feel the need to warn you that these tactics have only been tested at the epic collegic level, but not at the higher heroic post graduate level. I hope that these strategies will aid many of my fellow WOW players who decide to attempt these difficult instances in the hopes of the phatest of l00ts. (btw, any and all sweeping generalizations I make concerning the female sex are made out of chauvinistic ignorance and latent misogynistic tendincies. I apologize in advance for any offense I give.) 1.How to 5 man your local bar The title of this section may be somewhat misleading since the majority of the tactics and strategies that will be described were built around a 3 man team. However all of these strategies can be scaled up to the 5 man level with little or no effort. Be warned though, in my experience trying to raid a bar will likely result in failure. A 5 man, possibly a 7 man on the outside is the maximum number of people you will want in your group. But you will definitely need at the least 2 members for your group, because after all a group of 1 is not a group. The reason behind the need to approach an instance such as a bar with a group and not solo is simple, almost all women travel in packs, especially in an environment such as a bar. (of course there will be some women who go to bars by themselves, but these will be considered epic bosses due to the fact that they will most likely wtfown you if you make any mistake in pulling them. And its a sad thing to see a man out in the parking lot crying.) Therefore any man who attempts to solo a group of women will soon be either zoning out of the instance, or having to make a corpse run back to his dignity. Further, you can not PUG an instance such as a bar, you need a solid premade with members that you know well, know their roles, and are willing to fulfill these roles in order to make the run successful. The quick break down of successful groups looks something like 2-man 1.party leader 2.MT (DD) 3-man 1.party leader 2.MT (DD) 3.OT or rogue 4-man 1.party leader 2.MT 3.OT (DD) 4.rogue (should bring a seperate car) 5-man 1.party leader 2.MT 3.OT(DD) 4.OT 5.rogue (should bring a seperate car) The party leader of course being the one who is guaranteed the loot if the run is successful, with the OT's and rogue with a better than fair chance of loot, and the MT probably with a long drive home, unless the run is uber successful. Now then to focus primarily on the 3-man team with a MT and an OT (rogue tactics will be explained later). To start the encounter, you must first pick which group of women you will be attempting to pull. If this is your first run, try to take on groups of women with at least one member fewer than your group, after a while you can move up to groups of the same number, and eventually if your team is solid, you can attempt groups that outnumber your own, with a maximum of 2 members more than your own, past that number and the encounter becomes impossible imo. This scenario will focus on a small pull of women, namely 2. Pulling Once your target is selected, you start the pull either by sending the MT or the PL in, depending on the situation (btw it is a good idea to do at least 5 minutes of recon before attempting the pull), you send the PL in first if the dominate personality in the pull is the primary target. However if the primary target seems to be one of the lesser members of the group, you send the MT in first. Either way, quickly after the pull, the trash mob will make her appearance, she is the one that is out to make sure the run will be difficult for you. ( you know, the one that constantly reminds her friends that they have a test coming up or not to drink so much, basically the blocker.) This is the raison d'etre for your MT, his role is to identify and nullify the trash mob by tanking her. This is to be accomplished by engaging her in conversation and buying her drinks. Once he has the aggro of the trash mob, he needs to try and turn her around so that the primary target is no longer in her LOS. Once this is accomplished the PL and OT move in, the PL engages the primary target with the usual methods of courtship, while the OT takes up position nearby and nurses a soft drink. His only task is to make sure that if the MT loses aggro, he can quickly step up and start tanking before the trash mob is able to do too much damage to the PL and throw down massive debuffs while buffing the primary targets ability to say no. If the MT does lose aggro and the OT is capable of picking it up, the MT and OT need to work together to draw the trash mob further away from the primary target until they are no longer in each others LOS. Continue this strategy until the PL takes down the primary target and then it is up to the MT and OT to decide if they wish to try looting the trash mob. Pulling for larger groups In encounters with larger groups on both sides, the tactics are basically the same, with the exception that the OT(s) will handle the mobs that are not the primary target nor the trash mob, with occasionally taking up aggro from the trash mob if the MT loses her. These other mobs usually are better in the quality of loot that they drop than the trash mob, so usually it is a good idea if the OT(s) go ahead and loot. This strategy works This strategy works based off of the many times I have employed it. However I have only tested it in college level bars, and also with my own skill set of picking up chicks. Not everyone has maxed out this valuable stat, however I would suggest that you do so by attempting this strategy, sure you may fail, but it is a good way to level your ability to pick up while minimizing the outside factors that effect being able to get the digits. *edited for spelling errors* [ Post edited by Jahan ] http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.h...52348&sid=1 I think it's important to have a healer tho, one who can restore your humiliation on a double crit. Also have a hunter to kite one around the bar or snare one while buying drinks, drag her back slowly... Rel
  9. Relikk


    Nice try Oriah! I saw you appear next to me as I charged a wraith in Netherstorm. You pretend to just log in yeah right pal, *loots wraith and grabs cheese* *Quickly stuffs cheese in mouth* .m..mfd...mfff... sorry oriah, dis cheese mine! har! *sticks out tongue* Serious note - I thought it was funny you logged in 2 feet from me north of area52, in netherstorm, in outland, at the very first wraith I attacked there. What are the odds... Rel edit Just realized I saved ya. You would have logged in next to the wraith and then kilt dead! hehe
  10. Good points Waldonnis, There is a boss in Arcatraz that does much the same thing. If he goes charging off, then I switch beserk stance, beserker rage, all the while running towards boss into intercept range and switch back to defense. This way, you close the distance ultra fast, you regain the lost rage quickly from the 10 sec zerker (from when you switched stances) and you gain his attention. It would be nice if it interrupted, but it does not on a boss. But you can get his attention and get him off your clothies - and that's what matters. Good writeup Amahli, I like the pics. I noticed one of the heads is on his arm, or maybe that's a very big biceps with eyes Rel
  11. I get asked alot *while* playing how to tank better. So I thought I would write this so I can avoid the questions in game. You should know the basic mechanics of damage and how to mitigate (decrease) the most damage against you. Best to start here -> http://www.wowwiki.com/Combat_Rating_System This should answer some of your questions. Your goal is to obtain 490 defense (430 for druids) to be completely crit-free. Your next step is to stack up the stamina and power, parry, and dodge as best you can. Don't bother focusing on crit gear, while it may have alot of stamina and strength built in, it lacks the much needed defense bonus that other gear has. I realize this is all academic, but I still get asked "Is this better? <Link A> or <Link B>". I sometimes stop after getting a new piece and mix and match until I get what I think are the best results. So here are the cliffnotes: 1) Defense->Stamina->Enhanced stat shield block->enhanced stat dodge->enhanced stat Parry. 2) Why did I put Shield block in? Because that's where we can mitigate big damage from crushing blows 3) If you have two mobs assigned to you - Strategy should go - Pull Mob A with ranged (non DPS target), Shield Bash and Sunder, switch to mob B, Taunt if he tries to go by you or sunder (mob A will be giving you rage for it), Shield Block > Sunder > Revenge, Shield Block > Sunder > Revenge, etc etc. A good group will hold off on DPS and then let loose on Mob B for a quick kill. They won't have to worry about mob A too much if Mob B is stunned and dps'd quickly down, as the heals won't be great. The old school sunder 5x in a row is not a good idea. 4) Concussion blow can be used on mob B to minimize damage too you, it means less healing for the healers, which means less chance for mob A to switch from you to your healer. 5) Warriors also have a group heal - it's an instant cast 700ish heal "Commanding Shout". This is going to be buffed to 1200ish in a future patch (well, it's in test so it is likely to go live). So I typically use battle shout to increase group power, then use commanding shout when needed. 6) Also, try and keep demo shout up as much as possible, it makes a big difference. I am still learning and listening to other warriors who have progressed much farther than I have. Please feel free to comment on your strategy, I am always willing to alter mine to ensure the survivability of a group I am in, and in turn, instill upon those who request my services the confidence that I know my job. I also have some additional tricks for survival that I use, I will post that in a bit. Rel Update: Of course, you should be shield bashing every chance you get. Some warriors suggest you start out with it, as it has the highest rage generation, and refreshing heroic shout and demoralizing shout throughout the fight. Once you get 5 sunders, slowly ease off on button mashing to build up some rage, that way you have some for spell reflect (you should have enemy cast bar enabled) so you can figure out when to use it next. For some reason, I prefer to reflect spells rather than shield slam them away - although there are some mobs that can't be interrupted. I have timed some mobs to a second prior to them casting fear and it works nice. Hold off using conc blow should a sheep fail for some unlucky mage or a broken CC'd mob who decides to chase your priest-wearing-reinforced-klennex around. It still bothers me that priests wearing cloth were not given a invulnerable bubble but plate wearing paladins got one - where was the logic in that decision? Some warriors use different strategies, use whichever one works for you. Personally, I have found sunder to be my best agro generating ability. Personal strategies - I like anything that I can click to increase hitpoints. It was so effective that many patches have nerfed the way we extend our life to limited options. Before you could Healthstone, Whipper-tubber, night dragon, potions etc. Now most of them share a CD. However, you should always find ways to extend your life when necessary. Watch your health as well as others. It's always a good idea to pre-stam yourself as opposed to restoring the hps, as this increases your ceiling cap hps and avoids overhealing. This is the beauty of healing a druid tank, there is a big space between 15k hps and zero. Don't be afraid to use your last stand. Well, that's all I can think of. There are many options, choose the one that works for you. I know some warriors who swear by pull, taunt, shield block, revenge, sunder 5x. Hey, if that works for you, than fine. I also think knowledge sharing is important. I seem to get great info and tidbits from the message boards which has made grouping and my tanking experience easier. Rel
  12. I feel the same as Cal. Nothing to worry about Rhoach. PVP warriors mainly use the intercept option during combat (charge is only good if the warrior is out of combat). So now they only have one option in duels: Intercept, and it's on a long timer (30 secs), a little less if they have points in it, it will be used once then the warrior can be trapped, CC'd and killed long before it becomes available again. However, it's nice that if we don't have to wait the 5 minutes cooldown for the insignia of the horde to engage in pvp again. Intervene will be the key player killer in group situations (combined with intercept so that you can be more effective. I have not tested this so I am not 100% sure, but I concede that the group warrior will be able to break snares and traps twice in 30 secs) and will make warriors viable as a battlegrounds partners - which was their biggest complaint. Nerf to Thunderfury - Well, this would have been a big deal pre-bc, but the output dps is relatively lower vs the new BC weapons out there. The proc was the only thing that made it useful for holding agro at 70. I carry and use it now as a momento of what it represented to obtain, and to honor those who helped me obtain it. Rel
  13. I think you should run a completely new pug every week. Help everyone out on the server. I know you lub progressing slowly, each pull a harrowing experience, with ankhs and regeant costs hemoraging your bank funds. We all know you are rich! Rel
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