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    Ronstin, 90 undead warlock; Greenspring 90 tauren druid; Hurain, 85 tauren shaman; Sacella, 81 gnomish mage.
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  1. I don't know about huge imbalances but Uggy is right in that every MMO comes out of the gate with class balance problems, particularly in end-level play. Just as they get released with noticeable bugs and with exploits. You can't proof your game against the efforts of a million-plus players seeking to wring out every advantage they can come up with, not on the first try.
  2. I'm with you, Uggy. I preferred the earlier arrangement, which emphasized small-group skirmishing. I know that one of the reasons Bioware changed it though was because they wanted to encourage larger battles and the current set-up does provide those more often than the focus on the nodes in the release version.
  3. I don't know that WoW is dead for most of us, but yeah it's in stasis. That's kinda to be expected, SWTOR has fairly engrossing play while leveling, unique content for a number of alts, and lots of new systems to play with while WoW is at the tail end of its expansion's cycle and doesn't have much of anything new and interesting at the moment.
  4. Reminder, the party is TONIGHT!
  5. The sandbox and explorers tend to be really appreciative of rewards for going through all the remote crannies and distant expanses in a game.
  6. All the extra stuff should be associated with the game key, not with additional code in the base client. There are vendors in the Imperial and Republic Fleets for redeeming in-game benefits and such.
  7. Shien for the Cantina Regulars and our selected allies and adversaries.
  8. This chart isn't accurate anymore. The site Fuzrum linked to has updated that chart to this http://twisted.org.uk/content/crew-skills.png and the poster there indicated he will keep updating it. One of the primary changes is that Cybertech *a crafting skill* is no longer fed materials by Slicing. Instead it gets its materials from Scavenging. Slicing doesn't provide materials for any skill now, it's just a way to get extra credits, some schematics, and some other things.
  9. Merry Winter's Veil It be time fer da annual Clan celebtrashun uf anudder yeer gone by! Where: It's a White Winter's Veil in Dun Morogh, in the valley beyond Gnomeregan When: December 18th, 7:30 pm server time Who: All in the Clan along with their invited friends Events : As always, bring plenty of snowballs, along with your own booze. We just can't help ourselves This year's gift exchange is going to be another Yankee Swap. Gifts are pooled, we select from them in order, and rather than take a gift from the pool, you can take an opened gift from someone else, and have them get a new one from the pool. No gift can be yanked more than two times. A reenactment of the constant fighting down in the Battlescar in the Southern Barrens, done with tonks. A number of tonk controllers will be provided if you do not have one of your own. A hunt! One of us has been kidnapped by the Dread Pirate Burgy Blackheart and is being held captive. Track the dastardly pirate down and duel him to free your comrade!
  10. I won't be getting it until Christmas itself. Tradition in my family frowns on buying things like games or movies for oneself close to Christmas.
  11. I was also invited but I'd actually deleted the client because I wanted to transfer over two seasons of White Collar to watch between now and release. I'd thought that any remaining testing was going to be left to the regular crowd.
  12. I had been planning on a trooper tank but I think now that I'll be going commando and healing/dpsing and rolling a second character, probably a Consular Shadow, to tank with.
  13. Well, the total download for me seems to have been in the realm of 16 or so gigs this time, a bit more than half of what I had to download for the last weekend. So it's smaller, but probably still not small enough for those with bandwidth caps.
  14. I'm afraid to say that we are apparently doing the massive download again. I did the RSVP, started the launcher left from the prior weekend test, and it started downloading a Game Assets 1 at 12 gigs, which is exactly what it did last time.
  15. It might be a good idea if we tried to coordinate our initial pattern purchases to ensure that all the important cuts for our members are covered assuming Blizzard retains the mechanic of allowing us to buy specific epic gem patterns for 5 tokens each. I can commit my jewelcrafter to buying at least eight patterns and propose to cover all the Agility cuts our rogues, druids, hunters and shaman might require. (so the eight red, orange, and purple cuts that have agility on them). I welcome all our other JCs to commit to specific arrays of their own.
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