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  1. 'Crushers! Still not playing WoW [obvious is obvious, i know] .... Still underemployed >< Architecture sucks! but yeah! hope all is well, I'm sure Cataclysm will be neat. Who is playing StarCraft 2? I'm houlistar (699) or add me via email: houli@umich.edu or stalk me on facebook: Andrew Houlihan Also, I was not sure where to post this so feel free to move/delete it if necessary. May latz du gud, -Harne
  2. Neat! I miss you guys ; ) -Harne
  3. I want all the actors to be relatively unknown - like district 9, the same could be said for the original starwars even for most of Lord of the rings.
  4. I know I have been MIA of late, but I will miss you too Remms' n' Xeno!
  5. neat! /annoys people by loving them Hey alls, hope you're all having fun - I do miss our shenanigans, good luck with the raid'age
  6. Every day is friday! I still can't find architecture work : ) Well, I am working part time and doing odd jobs but yeah... Miss you all! Have a good weekend n' stuff
  7. sh-ite kids! Harne might need to come back for this neat'ish'ness!
  8. Harnes Love soup: (1) marinated /love (2) diced /loves (3) medium /loves (but any size will do really) (2-3) diced /loves (I personally like 4 diced /loves but that is too much for most people) and! (1) 5 gallon drum of Harne's special /lovesauce (the most important ingredient!) Dump it all in your favorite big 'ol pot and stir often! Heat to boil, allow to cool for 5 minutes (sauce will thicken). Then, gather your favorite mom, serve, and enjoy!
  9. I send you a belated... neat! happy b'day.
  10. thank you zurg. (i lol'd a bit ) Harne is a happy chicken for now - but i just cant seem to shake some sort of naked'ness'ish feel without his feral fur...
  11. Underdog! Ahh'aaa'ahh! Conqueror of the Overdog! Ahh'aaa'ahh! Champion of protecting stuff! Ahh'aaa'ahh! Master of Friendship! Ahh'aaa'ahh! p.s. if anyone can name the tv show this references i'll give you 1k gold in game
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