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  1. Perthes


    Either that or he has gotten a bad case of heartburn.
  2. How's it going people of WoW? Best tag on the server is going strong and keeping up with the times I see. Good to see that the CS's are still keeping the good fight going. I was cleaning my mailbox and I saw my registrating email to this forum and game and it brought a lot of feelings of fun and enjoyment of what I used to have with ya all. To make a long story (close to 2 years) short.. Lost my job, got on unemployment, freaking out over loosing my house and getting closer to the big three zero of my life.. hehe. Still the ever grump but hey.. thats just my lovely trait. May be what my wife calls it.. Grampa syndrom.. Young at heart but old in the head.. Me and the wifey (Cakke for the ones that remember) have been spending our time watching a lot of TV shows and playing a little of Everquest2. But to be honest,, we cant afford that anymore.. So i just wanted to drop by and see how ya all are doing. Keep up the good fight and keep going strong. /-P
  3. I have been a troublesome elf during my time here.. and it is by that, that we will need to move on. I do not want to bring any more bad feelings We do not fill any roll for the guild any longer. We feel that we have no place and we feel lost. To find a good home will take time but time is not on our side right now as the time for the Lich King is almost upon us. The Lich king wont take kindly upon us as we are not ready. Ready to fight back. I do not want to give a long speech of why we are doing this.. But most of you already know. Know my troubled past and from this i feel not welcome in your camp. I have been away in my tent for a while hoping this ill feeling would go away but.. it is still lingering.. it will not go away. It is by this that I Perthes, Rank of Boss for the Clan Skullcrusher resigns. Take care and may our paths cross. **Hangs a note on the tent of Kalea**
  4. Doh.. was running in a cave filled with bugs and BAM... disconnected.. now... i cannot log on.. just stuck at Connecting.. I checked the Blizz forum... lots of people having the same issue.. then suddenly.. Firefox says: Unable to connect : Oh oh.. my internet is out? and no.. everything else works fine... hmm Blizz having server problems now? I only get those messages when too many people are on the forum... Oh well.. TV time for me and the Mrs then.. This is just Craptastic
  5. Perthes

    Patch 3.2

    Position in queue: 630.... Bah...
  6. Oh im not burnt out. Im just not having any luck finding a raid group that fits my style. But I do enjoy the "newness" of playing a new toon. I guess im spoiled when it comes to raiding. I love to raid. But I dont like being part of a raid that make you feel like crap when you do something wrong or having people gang up on someone because they did something that was not good. I know that finding a group that doesnt do any of that is like saying: Aliens? hah they dont exist. But we all know they do exist So all in all... i guess what im saying is... there is nothing for me to do anymore with my toons except do dailies and grind gold and stumble upon someone who needs a fill in for a raid spot. I love to raid. I wish to raid. I wish I could do like so many are doing... but cannot do cause of my own limitations..
  7. As some of you have prolly seen.. I have not been online with either Rakin or Perthes for quite some time. Ive been online sure but only for a brief moment here and there. Reason for this is.. I have nothing to work towards on either of my level 80 toons. Only time im on them is if im checking my mail or can get a pug raid group.. DPS classes for me is boring right now as they are plentiful. So i have started a new toon. A druid that is giving me new life. Working on making it a Healer and offspec Tank toon that can bring me in some raids. I love to raid.. but raiding as dps is .. getting me no where right now... - Hunters.. everybody and their dog has one in their arsenal it seems... - Arms / Fury Warriors.. gimped on the dps scale... especially with the gear this toon has. Ive tried to work with people to make raids work, but with so many egos.. it broke me down. Also when people are ######ing and calling names i tend to loose my cool side... and when this happens.. i tend to de-socialize myself with those individuals. On a flip side of note.. I have not had a head ache in weeks.. ever since i ended the Sunday 10 man. I will still be around...
  8. I for one saw this one coming. Bingo!!! this is what everybody who is part of our 25 man group needs. Get a 10 man group going and get to know the fights even more.. Myself is in the process of starting one 10 man group to go to Ulduar. This is cause of our poor performance. I know i have had issues with my own performance so im stepping up to improve my own and 9 other people's performance for future raids. Lets go out with a bang people. Lets burn Naxx this Wednesday!!
  9. This raid group is now officially terminated. I will no longer be leading a Sunday raid. If anyone got a question to what happened feel free to send me a PM ingame or here on the forums.
  10. Hi Gord, I am interested with my Warrior Rakin. And Lesedi is interested with her Mage Delorez or Lesedi what ever you need. Monday or Wednesday or both.. doesnt matter
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