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  1. Nawt

    Hello again!

    Duck and Tuck Verr..... We want you back in one piece. Nawt's been a busy kitty of late. Moved to a new house, working my fur off and dealing with reality. Gods Speed..... Nawt
  2. Happy Late Birthday Xiris! Sorry I took a longer then expected cat nap and missed the party. Hugs, Nawt
  3. Happy belated Birthday now. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! IF Zurg gets out of line and forgets his place, just threaten him with this:
  4. Happy Birthday Holy! Happy Birthday!
  5. Nawt's famous Tater Chowder: <I don't measure things so ...> 5lbs potatoes any variety. (I prefer the red's and I leave the skins on them. Yellows I do peel) 1 large red or Vadalia Onion. Celery (I use the whole stalk unless it is very large then probably 3/4.) Boil the above until the taters are fork tender. Drain half the liquid. Add milk and butter. (Generous amount of margarine actually.) Slowly melt in 1 large block of velveeta cheese. Stir often as it will stick or scorch and yes, use the entire block of cheese. Trust me! Once the cheese is melted through, add fresh parsley and cook until parsley is no longer raw. Keep stirring Salt and pepper to taste. Thicken with instant potato flakes to your desired consistency. For the men, you can crumble bacon over the top if they feel meat deprived. Enjoy. If you're really good I'll share my recipe for Stuffed Peppers sometime.
  6. Nawt


    ~Facebook! (Ya'll can add me if you want: Kim Deal.....) ~Randomly pick a child to harass about homework, dirty rooms, jobs and anything that is reasonably unworthy of nagging about. (They love it I swear ) ~House work.. no one else will do it ~Check the server status every 5 min. Watch the clock. ~Porn? I"M KIDDING. (Stash under boys bed. I don't have to surf far....) ~SHOP! ~Work on patch days...
  7. If I'm on then feel free to give me a yell.
  8. Best of luck Tonac. Will sure miss you but I of all people understand the need to distance one's self and re-prioritize things. It can become redundant and lets face it..... WOW is a time sink. Much love and best wishes, Nawtster
  9. Nawt

    Merry Christmas

    Update: As of today, 12/27/08 we have been assigned a detective who doesn't work weekends. How fitting is that? Indeed who ever did this was very familiar and comfortable in my home. I have a pretty good idea of who it is now. Saw him last night in the local WallyMart. He could not look Ferj in the face and was very nervous. He is a , "Friend" of our middle son's who is not at all pleased. Time will tell if we are correct. We brought home a nice furry friend last night with a huge bark and teeth. He is already very protective of our family and I doubt anyone is going to get past him anytime quick. He doesn't like for us to be to far out of his sight and he doesn't like strangers getting to close. With us he is very docile and loving. He loves to ride in cars and go to the pet store. Did very well in public yet he didn't care for our neighbor walking up to Ferj and Brandyn. He put on a pretty impressive display of warning to not get to close. His name is Underdog. He's 40+lbs or more of solid Whipett/Pit Bull. At the very least he is intimidating when he growls and barks. He slept on the floor last night between the two youngest boys. Made his way through the house this morning counting heads and checking out beds. Including mine! Meet Underdog!
  10. Nawt

    Winter Veil

    Thank you for my kittens. I luv dem all. *Hugs*
  11. Merry Christmas Clan. May peace and joy fill your hearts today as you hold those things that are dear.
  12. Greetings friends and Clan family, From my house to yours... Merry Christmas. This has been a year of sorrows for sure. I sure will be glad to see this year end. 2009 has GOT to be better. I'm fine. I'm angry and a little shaken but even the Grinch can't break me. My house was robbed 2 nights ago while I slept. Ferj and the boys were out of town and I was home alone. In the dark of the night someone came into my home and violated my family. They pooped in my toilet and left it. Carried every present we had into my basement. Unwrapped it all and removed it from it's boxes and carried it away. In return they left me a big mess and some ######. I was awakend to my eldest son returning home and distraught beating on my bedroom door. He was scared witless and worried about his momma. I thankfully had slept through the entire thing. I had no phones. They turned my land line on so I could not get a dial tone. Had to wait for the battery to die before we could use the house phone. Threw my cell across the room where I could not have reached it either. Took the baby's old PS2 and the eldest Les Paul prize possession. (He bought that guitar himself, was his lifeline. His band was recruited by Victory records this summer. It was beautiful Mahagony..... *Sick*) The $2000.00 worth of stuff under the tree wasn't enough for them I guess. My co-workers took up a donation and I am off today to try to replace what was taken once again. So Christmas will go on. My eldest spoke to the local news station not that it will help repair the damage done. Police took a report because my son insisted....... I just want you all to be mindfull. We are comfortable in our homes. Sometimes others are too. Who ever did this knew how to get in. How to get out and knew their way around my home. They had to have been in here for a long time to do what they did...... I've cried for two days over the loss, what might have happened had I gotten up...... It wears on you. Times are hard for everyone and theft is rampant everywhere. I guess it was just my turn this year to be the victim. Double check those doors. Take your cell and keys and wallets/purses to bed with you. I was behind a locked door thankfully. (Always lock my bedroom door when Ferji is gone. <Shudders>). Just think about IF someone were to get in here tonight, what could they take or do easily. How would I protect myself? Many of you have seen me through a lot of heartache, worry and bad times. You're extended family and I don't want anyone to have to feel like I am feeling right now. In 20 yrs of marriage I have never seen the look on Ferji's face the past two days. I'm proud of my boys. Each of them was not worried about the items they had lost but the items they were giving to others. So I at least taught them well. For that I am grateful. So Merry Christmas Clan. I mean that with a sincere heart. Be safe. Be well and be aware. Always, The Nawtster. News feed: Robbers steal christmas
  13. Animals need love too. *Ties booties with pink ribbons on Baracko's hooves*
  14. Nawt

    Santa Claus

    I just had to share: My son; being the big 5th grader this year, got the honor of playing Santa Claus in his school play. When he was little, his big brothers taught him new lyrics to Ozzy's Iron Man. (I am Branny man. Cutest little bugger in the whole wide land....You get the idea.) Well, in honor of his achievement and history (Nailed all his lines flawlessly.)...I found this! We had a minor wardrobe malfunction during rehearsal. Santa was mooning the crowd. Ace wraps for the win!
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