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  1. .. waiting on titan myself.. or whatever their next push is gonna be.. after being burnt bad on that POS ToR, kinda reduced to free to play games that keep my interest a few weeks =) Only thing thats lasted really long has been ' World Of Tanks '.. an GW2.. because it really takes very little effort, an you can jump in / out easily.. I almost came back this expansion.. but its just too much of the same ole horse.. New skins, new instances.. but at the core.. the same ole dance over an over again.. just gonna have to hold out till the next huge thing i guess >.<
  2. Kata needs to get more arena points.. My new build sucks hard in pvp but I have all my non-arena gear hidden in my bank so I would be up for some killing.. just throw me a tell im always on kata.. or as of late leichepuppee (my 29 twink killing nubz) almost any day will work for me =)
  3. Will try to make it.. gonna see how this whole house thing pans out.. an when we are moving.. etc.. should be around that date.. june second is what the lawyer was talkign about so we will see.. i would love to rock on in NY.. i havnt been there in a few years.. my cousin works there for the SUN.. kinda funny he sits at a computer all day an pretty much writes 200k checks for ' celebrity photos ' talk about a swank an easy job.. =) btw.. it has come to my attention through my DVR that your name is taken from DS9.. an from a Klingon.. Since there is no Klingon's in warcraft.. or warcraft lore.. i am gonna have send a rename petition to the GMS as soon as I log in.. I dont want to do this, but I am a QQ whine girl skirt.. an cant help myself.. because someone has to be a judas.. an it should be me..
  4. You know you can count on me.. even if you its one day a week I will stay up an give you what I can.. I would like to do those 2.. maybe zul'amon.. an we did mags the other night.. its nice to see more things, an to maybe have something on off hours for those who slave away all week.. whatever you need just give me a yelp =)
  5. sadly 9/10 of the last bgs i have been in have3 been about losing an deathmatching not sure whats going on this weekend but its total mental midget world out there.. should cut an paste that link for them so they can get a clue on how to fight, an or what really gives you what..
  6. Kind late for me.. but if you see me online I might be worth a few games.. especially the weekend on sat, I normally PvP all night then.. trying to push as hard as I can to pick up all the seaon 1 stuph..
  7. everything changes.. from old to new.. back to old again.. its just a game an life has to always take precidence.. or else you find yourself in a rather dark place (we have had a few here in our guild that had this happen to them) good luck on whatever you end up doing.. an let the feeding frenzy begin for the chief chair.. (have to be crazy to want all that stress! especially since you come here to get away from all that real world junk heh)
  8. .. yeah you should see the crap that turns up in the damn cross server battlegrounds.. happyballs.. jiggyballs.. an half a billion crass hybrids like that.. hell some of them are so blantent you have to ask yourself is blizzard retarded? how could they have made it to level 70.. with full arena gear an not get banned.. they dont bother to just do an armory search with ' balls ' in it? that would result in like 100's of accounts being banned.. but i guess as long as no one reports it they ignore it.. why shut off a source of income.. some things though are kinda stupid.. whoever the idiot is that reported calender should hang their head in shame.. having your name changed because its ' something you hang on your wall '.. is simply silly.. I have seen that name in various fantasy novels.. an the like.. ahh well..
  9. ..ahh well at least I can say its finally done I guess.. not sure if its a blessing or bane hes passed on.. I have long since lost any interest in Rand an dream nightly of his demise.. the only two characters I follow are Matt, an Perrin.. wish they had their own books.. the whole series has gotten a bit stale an overbloated.. after the first five books I started to read the sword of truth series which has ALOT of similar themes, an seems to be better written.. Its kinda sad, I would find myself skipping large portions of the books trying to find the Matt stories, or other odd characters.. because they seemed fun an interesting.. while rand was the same theme/story/whine over an over again.. its sad to see that its gonna end before it was finished but I hope the last book when it comes out will maybe tie up at least a FEW loose ends.. Its kinda like the Dune series of books, the first few were very good, but by the end it just got so lost in all the story plots, an backhistory it lost interest.. .. if you like the wheel of time i would also suggest you check out george martins ' A story of ice an fire ' series.. which has alot of similar themes, an is going quiet strong at book three (but dont get too happy he seems to write a book every decade so your childrens children might get to read it heh)
  10. HONG KONG - A Beijing-based software company has filed a lawsuit against the creator of the "World of Warcraft" and the game's local operator for allegedly using its Chinese character fonts illegally. ADVERTISEMENT Founder Group's lawsuit seeks $13.2 million in damages, company spokesman Song Zhenying said Friday. The Chinese version of "World of Warcraft," run by Shanghai-based The9 Ltd., uses five Chinese character fonts developed by Founder without authorization, Song said. Founder employees discovered the alleged violations while playing the game. A court date hasn't been set. "World of Warcraft," created by Vivendi SA's Blizzard Entertainment Inc., is the world's most popular online game and has more than 3.5 million subscribers in China. The9 spokesman James Zhao said the company's lawyers are still studying the lawsuit and that he had no further comment. Blizzard didn't immediately respond to an e-mail seeking comment. Founder Group is a software company and computer maker founded in 1986 with investment from Peking University. The lawsuit was filed June 18 in a Beijing court but not immediately disclosed. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070824/ap_on_...piuVNKMHEZk24cA is the original link
  11. What I saw in the press release didn't thrill me. And the fact that they've already announced expansion 2 is also troublesome. How much time passed before they announced TBC? I don't recall it being only eight months after the initial release. I may have to start considering a different MMO myself, though I have doubts it'll be Warhammer. A pvp-centric game is not likely to thrill me. boink.. this also worries me.. again as usual poor ole blizzard has somehow managed to cater to the top 2-10% of gamers.. Instead of revamping up ole zones an making them both useful an functional, they seem to just keep blasting the ' death rock ' music an throwing in more power trips to keep the top tier of players happy.. Sure the guild has gotten around to finally crusher some of the BC end game stuph but why is that? Because everyone who was anyone burned through to 70 an realized it was end game, or nothing but an empty but pretty lil dress. I just find it pointless to WASTE 5-12 hours a day for the chance at a dropped item ( that you have to raid for 2-3? days a week ) only to replace it every few months.. or finding that by the time you get all those items you wanted that suddenly they are pointless because all the BC end game content is gonna go the way of pre-bc content.. That poor ###### Ragnoros just sits in his lair wondering why no one ever bothers to even stop by anymore.. I had hoped that with the next expansion I could come back an enjoy the game again, but who wants to burn up another 10 levels, an ruin their life just to get some new shinny crap? I hope that someday they take note of the majority of the players an remove stupid req's like raid timers, or extremely limited boss drops so more people can actually enjoy the game, the hardcore raiders be damned, because though they may whine the most they are an EXTREME minority.. hmph.. but im sure once i get a look at all the new things ill be dragged back in.. hah
  12. .. look I have the only solution to this problem.. from now on when you decide to change the password just post the new password in the passworded forums! that way only members with the passwords can get the new ones.. ... ... .. . an yes.. thats a joke =P
  13. though his deeds on the battle field are great, an his sense of tactics impecable.. alas his time with the sages was not.. Now we shall delve deaper into the old keep of Medivh... ^-- thus DEAPER we go!! ::cackles::
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