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  1. Sadly no more MMOS for me!
  2. Finally broke my WoW addiction I think =) Been a fun 10 years and some of the best were with you guys. Deactivated Orcala's FB page and will be deleting all my chars later tonight. After playing the new patch and doing it all basically in one night, I'm terribly bored of the grind/raids. Thanks all for the great times! Orcala signing off!
  3. Oh wow I totally forgot about those old forums, stopped using them since you needed an authenticator now to post.
  4. Oh BTW The guild name Clan Skullcrusher beats out NL! (and the tabard) There I said it =P
  5. Welcome back Calendar (if you are still playing) sorry kinda missed this post. I am on daily, but raids seem kind of pointless with the new LFR tool and super easy bosses. Unless they have special guild raids I don't know about in the raiding tool? If you PVP it would be fun to do that as a team!
  6. Have fun over there! With the new garrison stuff it feels like logging in daily to check on a mobile game like Farmville or whatever... these Blizz people are clever, but the interactions are sure plummeting between players!
  7. I just noticed that today! If you are raiding with them why not =) The crushers guild chat is wicked quiet as of late, I feel by myself most of the time so I joined a few OOC channels.
  8. Lucky! No invite in my box yet. Boven looks amazing too!
  9. It's definitely 100x better! I'll be coming back within the month
  10. Yeah I was dreading the day that would happen too since I got one shortly after they came out. Thankgod it still works! Did it take ya long to get it removed from your account?
  11. It was nice playing with ya! As for me i'm done with the whole MMO thing and need to work on things outside of them. Good luck in the future Hubba, we will miss ya!
  12. Here's one: Mostly TS talking during our old WG raids haha
  13. Gonna share them? WIll try and put em up on YouTube this week! Just got done with PAX... Blizzard's announcements this year were so lame!
  14. At least my elemental shammy may be able to get into a WW/NL raid group soon as part of their dps rotation. Seems like my old pattern continues: level the tank, run heroics, and end up raiding on dps. Been that way since TBC. Found some old WinterGrasp PVP videos with you on TS Boven, they were hilarious!
  15. Anyone playing SC2? Thinking about that maybe after a month or so. (spending our $ on PAX this month)
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