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  1. Ho Ho Ho Glad to see the Clan keeping tradition alive! Happy Holidays to all.
  2. Wez takin da fight ta annuda wurld. Only da bestest and da meanest clompers should even fink 'bout comin along. Deres no time for sissy cave squatin snotlins. We takin only da 'ardest Skullcrushinest lads 'round. Skribul ya mark ova 'ERE. An we'll mak sure ya git right ta da front lines. WOOGAH! Preview weekend was a blast. I centainly would like to have toons on both Order and Destro. Yet i have to say the most fun was the Greenskin newb area. First thing said to me was: "Oi, wot you lookin at git face" Laughs from the get go. 15mins later, I was clompin stunties in
  3. Awesome! Congratulations Chad.
  4. Volonazra


    hi everyone, How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing well. My family and I are healthy and happy.
  5. Please join us this Wednesday in Durotar as we once again gather together a 8pm server time.
  6. For years now it has been my quest, or "impossible dream", to build a guild unlike the countless other guilds. The dream was to stay grounded in lore and based in role-play, to be active in end game, and a force to be reckoned with in pvp. Most importantly, I wanted members who hold themselves to a much higher standard of conduct than the average player. So, I struggled, following my vision quest. Carrying the banner of a gaming utopia. Thanks to many of you around today, and many others along the way, the journey has been remarkable. It has been my privilege to lead you. However, Ive
  7. I propose the use of guild funds to purchase these, and other, patterns for the good of the guild. We can easily develop a lottery or other system to distribute them. Then everyone can have access to the items by providing materials to the crafter.
  8. cheater cheater punkin eater
  9. When she said, "Dont talk back to Darfvadar. He'll get ya." my two girls and I all laughed. Maybe its time i introduced mine to the Star Wars?
  10. just had a nerdgasm, thats right the big 'N' dont click here without a hanky handy.
  11. On Sunday, we gathered on the banks of serene Aletian Pond. We reintroduced the Oath of Blood ritual and inducted several new Grunts into the clan. We discussed communication and opportunities available to anyone that applies themselves. We reiterated the importance of thoughtfullness and community support.
  12. The old orc searches madly for his pouch containing the aphrodisia herbs. "Ah gruk me nub smoke all dem yit. WER kuld dey be?"
  13. No worries Garris. We'll be here when you return. BTW, you (or anyone) can purchase Timecards and other WoW stuff through this web site (see the market) and help with the cost of site though commisions.
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