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  1. Wow the reanimation of the characters is the first I have seen, very well done.
  2. Marry Christmas and happy whatever you beleave in!
  3. *casts Eye of Acherus* *Peers at his old friends and a slight bit of discontent fills him* My old friends at long last my cure for this forsaken body is complete and once again I am human. This however does leave me in a postion of great remorse for my old clan. But don't be fooled when you cross me now do not lower your guard in hope be ready for I am no longer forsaken. I am human again and the powers of Arthas himself flow through me. Show me no mercy for I will show you none. *Summons his Deathcharger* Prey you don't find me in the battlegrounds my old friends. PS I love you guys
  4. Hopefully it is a more peaceful patch than BC. BC seemed to tear guilds apart, and even the Crushers felt a little of this. Stick together no matter what toon you plan on leveling. The grass isnt any greener on the other side, so to speak.
  5. ROFL! Sweet song. We had fun raiding back then
  6. Farewell its been a blast! I will autoboot my self in a day or 2. I will miss the Core raiders most of all, it was the best time I had in this game. Thanks to all of you old members and raiders from back in the day. goodbye..
  7. Looking for people to join my 5v5. No real skill needed, no gear needed either. The point of this is to get gear. With the really old PvP items for sale based on rep most people can have decent resilience which does help. I have space for 8 people right now. Please send Zemus a tell if you want to join. We will queue around 10pm est on Sundays. Usually takes about 30-45 Min's. We will do 10 total battles, each person need 3 battles to get point so if you can not come in on Sunday I will fit you in any day BUT Mondays (queues way too long). Please send a tell I would like to keep it a Clan thing, but if I don't have the interest I will have to go outside and I hate that.
  8. Molox

    WotLK News

    Death Knight should worry you, if it is the "FIRST" hero class I would exspect it to be the most powerful class at lvl 80, untill more hero classes come out they will be tough.
  9. Um just going through my E-mail and there was a message from someone claiming to be part of Blizzard, they did a horrible job but it had a link to a site. I didn't click on it or anything just wondering if the hacker of the last website got our E-mails, and if they did to use caution when viewing any web links in E-mail. Just an FYI/headsup
  10. Why isnt there any +healing or damage?
  11. Resto spec more than likely
  12. Hey all. OK heres the deal, I am dropping some alts out of the guild and most likely, after I get them all striped down, delete them. I will leave my 60+ toons around, mostly for some proficiencies and my hunter is a good cash machine. Molox will no longer be my main I haven't been raiding much anyways so shouldn't be a guild shocker. However Zemus will replace him, and once he hits 70 I would like to get into as many raids as I can during the week. I usually get home from work around 7 PM EST. He is currently 65 so I still got some work to do. The reason behind this is I can not put the time into several lvl 70 toons, I want to at least have one toon I'm always playing and can help the guild out with. My priest just wont do. Every time I play him I want to reroll or play an alt so hes officially retired. I did have a blast back in the day in MC and thank those still around for making it so fun. I picked a shaman because they can fill so many rolls. Anyone in my 5v5 (Moloxis) please feel free to queue up and do what you have to for points. If you need to invite someone look for Zemus I can do that. It will more than likely become another 5v5 for the guild.
  13. If your ever in trouble DEMAGIC!!!!! Miss you Kytea
  14. Oh that thing is beautiful it will make a great addition to my sword collection
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