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    This month's fishing competition will run from May 9th to 16th . The requested fish for this month is the Holy Mackeral. Holy Mackeral are caught in Gravewater Lake in Malas. It is reported to have been caught by fishermen as low as Adept level (80 skill). The prizes for this competition will depend on the size of the fish you can catch. The biggest fish will win you five thousand gold per stone of weight of the fish. The second place fish will win you three thousand gold per stone of weight. Third place will win two thousand gold per stone of weight. An additional million gold check will be awarded to any of the top three fish that are over two hundred stones in weight. All fish must be caught during the week between the 9th and 16th at 6 pm eastern. Winners will be announced at 8 pm on the 16th at the docks in Trinsic. Fish you have caught for the competition may be turned in at the city herald in Trinsic, to Governor Thom, or you may of course bring them with you to the docks. Please note that the herald is fairly weak so if it won't accept your fish it may be full and you may have to try again later. Multiple fish may be turned in, but only the largest of your catch will be considered for the largest fish prize. Fish will be returned upon request of the fisherman. The top fish, if not returned, will be made into a trophy and displayed at the Bayside Stadium in Olympus. Any other unclaimed fish are subject to being made into steaks and/or pies and sold for the funding of future events. (Note: I am usually in game or online between the hours of 4 pm and 10 pm eastern. Ask for me in the RP Community Chat, PM me here, or icq me at #270755567 to arrange delivery of your fish)
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    Yep. Just saw this. For all the hooplah Sony had, Daybreak just doesn't want to innovate, implement the newest technology, and expend resources on it. Another business decision that is bringing the original innovative MMO down further. Should be called Nightsoil Games......
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    Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment! Look forward to seeing you guys in game Soon©.
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    Welcome back! yes a few of us are still around and kicking! let us know when you are in game for a guild invite if you want one!!!
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    Ug der! Gud tu see lat bak heer! We still have many skullcrushers running around in WoW. Drop on by our discord text and voice chat channel to connect with them if you havent' done so already in game . http://discord.me/TheHonorEmpire Good luck in the Criminal Justice field! Not my field of expertise, maybe more my state trooper brother-in-law or detective father-in-law. Sounds like you have quite the career ahead!
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    I just took a look at QA for R33. Our town, Honor Hold, is now Forest 01! So R33 we'll start placing lots. Please note that the town will be changing to STATIC in the future and all residents will have first priority to place in the new STATIC town. When the change happens all residents will be evicted automatically. We'll try to get in contact with everyone about the change and will likely send out a "State of the Empire" newsletter to all registered on this site (that have "allow admins to contact me" selected). Some pics from QA: Honor Hold on the overland map. South of Brittany and Kiln, next to the PRT Magna Planitia. Wagon in Honor Hold to Magna Planitia Wagon in Magna Planitia to Honor Hold Entrance point and direction when entering Honor Hold from the wagon in Magna Planitia (you face the main plaza in Honor Hold). Notes, as the town is currently static, we can place notes and other objects anywhere in town (up to a limit). We will place a note here on the bridge welcoming newcomers to Honor Hold with some basic information about The Honor Hold, expert crafting stations, jousting, and sky page links. We may place castle walls, a gate, possibly a small lot with a vendor for guild use. @Borg @Rumblebore @Wolf @Thom
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    This is intended to stay true. Placement will be decided after wipe
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    The Honor Empire would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a Happy Birthday! Oriahtundra (37) decrepitude (46)
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    Happy Birthday to Eldoran Nobleheart on June 3. My first EQ Guild Leader, Sacred Legion of Tunare!!
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    Balandar watched the grisly scene. The demon tore into the kobold's body, gutting it, pulling out the entrails and shoving the bloody bits into it's impossibly large mouth. He watched as the demon gorged itself, quivering in ecstasy, blood pouring out of its jaw. Balandar smiled, enjoying every second of the show. Borg approached the Demon from behind, moving swiftly despite wearing full epic plate. With his magnificent sword in hand, he took the head from the demon in a single swipe. The demons thick acidic blood squirted from its neck, the body slowly toppling over while the head bounced and rolled to Balandar's feet. Balandar looked at the Demon's head, a small piece of kobold still in its maw, and frowned, "I was enjoying that immensely, Borg". "It's a demon, a creature of pure evil, it should be sent back to whatever hole it crawled out of..", said Borg, slightly confused and a bit angry, while cleaning the blood off his sword before it destroyed the metal. "I did not say it should be kept alive…. but it appeared to be quite happy eating the kobold", Balandar grinned wickedly. "Something is amiss with you friend", Borg said disgustedly. Balandar laughed, "Why kill your foe when it's eating other enemies?" "What?", Borg asked, but believed he knew where the mage was going with this conversation. "It's simple really, the enemy of my enemy is my friend… you could have waited a little longer before decapitating it," Balandar explained. "It's a demon," Borg bluntly stated. "Yes, and a hungry one. I wouldn't mind having one as a pet..," Balandar mused, more to himself than to Borg. Borg shook his head and chuckled, "You are crazy." Balandar just grinned, thinking of the possibilities of having a demon to do his bidding, and wondering if they could be controlled... ----------------------------------------- @Borg Edit: This story occurs later in Balandar's life in Novia. Date is unknown.
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    Looks like a good time!
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    Wood & Plaster 2-Story (Village)
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    Bah - Amazing what the internet can come up with to those of us who never played. Almost like a spell.... Kal Ort Por (Recall) Black Pearl Mandrake Root Blood Moss allows you to recall to a site set with Kal Por Ylem (6) I am such a spoil-sport
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    Domino & Fairan are still there, providing leadership on the boards. But yes, lots of bitterness. In the business world, taking over a company where most of the employees jobs are being duplicated by the existing staff makes everyone uncomfortable becuase you know the axe will eventually fall on someone, usually the acquired staff. That is exactly what happened when DBG took over EQ. The problem is that when the leadership at EQ were dumped we lost the core of those who had the most investment in keeping EQ as it has been alive and well in the new game being produced. It doesn't mean DBG cannot learn and become familiar, but everyone pretty much knows we lost the true-blue flavor and have moved towards the machine of putting out some game with the EQ name on it. That is where the bitterness started. We also lost the one game that was relying a lot on the gamers/players contributions to make up the game. That was the huge draw on Landmark/Next where what we were going to be playing is made literally by the players. It will not be the same but it may still be good. Bittersweet may be what we call NEXT when and if it comes out.
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    This past sunday our mighty heroes Lord Borg, Baron Balandar and the Knight Marshall Schneiderventure out in search of the legendary Obsidian Forge, instead once again our mighty heroes encounter a Troll of gigantic proportions. Will they overcome this huge obstacle and continue their quest to find the Obsidian Forge? Or wiill evil triumph? Stay Tuned!!!
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    Greetings, With great peril Me and Balandar, embarked on a journey of discovery into the bowels of Desolis Dungeon, just north from Eastreach Gap north from Soltown. I had heard rumors or huge gigantic ruby formations, that I could mine to my hearts content. But what me and Balandar had found there instead was truly horrifying. The only footage to survive from our mechanical raven recorder was the final battle with a troll.
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    Indeed......The Honor Empire has a hold and all crafting stations set for our brethren from all games to reassemble
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    Got mine last night! We could have a kobold clan with all of the kobold hats that will be in circulation.
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    Got mine yesterday. I think I saw that guy running around too. I want the tech he is using for the raccoon! That's a great way to do twitch. Need to show Borg that.
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    I just purchased a new rig. Got myself a Lenovo y510p. 16gigs of ram and 2 GeForce 750m in SLI. It's a pretty badass laptop, and cheap for what you get. I needed an upgrade anyhow. I can't play anything new that's been coming out. Bought Assassins Creed 4 a ways back and my nvidia drivers just came right out and told me "Nope, not a chance, good luck with that one buddy". So I think it was a good purchase overall.
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    Windows 7 64 check dual 460m check Dunno how well it will run on my system if i get it but no upgrades in forseeable future.
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    Congrats to our newest knight Esidor Vandiir... not only on marrying the bestest knight ever in PGoH but on passing his Codex as well!!
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    Murder in Olympus! Guardians powerless to find killer in their midst By Katrina Hawkins In the early evening hours a few days ago a poor innocent woman was brutally murdered in the Guardian's town of Olympus. The woman, known only as Priscilla, was stabbed multiple times and left in the woods in the residential district of Olympus. After asking several Guardians, all of whom denied even knowing of the murder, I finally found one who would at least admit to knowing about it. The Knight Alexia became belligerent and denied having the ability to even give an interview, even when confronted with the fact that it's never been against the rules for any member to give interviews. The details surrounding this murder would lead any intelligent person to the conclusion that the attacker had to have came from Olympus. In the brief time I spent talking to members of the Guardians and the Emperor himself I identified two likely suspects, neither of which have been arrested. The Knight Alexia is an alcoholic with severe mood swings and a violent streak. When I questioned her on the murder she denied being able to talk about it, even going so far as to suggest it was none of my business, as if the people of Trinsic have no right to question what is happening. During the short time I was talking to her she cycled through several moods, at least once she got almost violent with me for simply asking questions, and drank quite heavily. She obviously has no regard for the people of Trinsic, despite claiming to hail from here. According to my sources the evidence points to Priscilla being killed by someone who was enraged, and most likely from Olympus. Even if she didn't kill her then Alexia would be a good place to start in any official investigation since she obviously is capable of such acts. The Praetorian Laurana is likewise a person with severely violent streaks, mood swings, and more then enough ability to have carried out this act. As most of us already know from dealing with her in Trinsic Laurana is very easy to provoke into threats of violence, and it's not so hard to imagine her taking the next step, as it's been rumored she's done on several occasions. A day before the murder Laurana was seen in Trinsic assaulting someone who got in the way of her finding and most likely harming Priscilla. She is a highly trained warrior that uses a poisoned blade most of the time, but also carries multiple weapons on her person. My sources have stated that Priscilla was stabbed with at least two weapons, one of them previously poisoned and of the type that Laurana usually carries. My sources also state that Laurana was extremely drunk the night of the murder. In that state it's not hard to imagine an argument turning deadly, especially with someone as prone to violence as Laurana. The people of Trinsic deserve to know that the Guardians are handling this investigation properly. After my talks with them however it appears that they are trying to sweep this under the rug, most likely because the two people most likely to have committed the crime are members. With this information it is obvious that there should have already been an arrest in this case, as it's obvious that one or the other of these two women had a hand in the murder of this innocent woman. Instead the Guardians are chasing mystery women and shadows. I think it's time for the people of Trinsic to ask themselves if the Guardians are truly capable, or desirable, protectors of our fair city.
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    A bit of a translation....I was given a severance package and lost my job with Staples (DM finally won his personality clash n battle with me) when they reorganized all stores and did not have to use any performance rankings or reports. I am looking to own a franchise in Ithaca as well as continuing on the side to try to get THE Pizza programs going to bring commissions to THE and its members to benefit from. (If anyone knows someone in an advertising agency or company send contact to me) I am a pretty open book and if you have any leads out there drop me a line. On the gaming front....we all seem to be enjoying the summer so far which is great and gaming is low key as the industry itself seems to be restructuring itself with some games going free (with store purchasing as revenue gains) and others not doing as well as expected. Still...UO, WOW, GW2 and KotOR still have players enjoying their game time. It is interesting how in WoW guild the DRUID Grip on Mains is over now with Paladins leading.....Druids n Hunters bumped down by 3 rising classes of Mains.....Pally, Mage and Warriors rising to the top 3. Taurens still hold the top population in Mains and Overall but Blood Elves really have come up as an overall group...interesting stuff.
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    Well the Pandarian adventures continue for the Skullcrushers and there are a dozen that have gotten nice n dirty in the process (getting to 90). In past expansions I had done this as a small token reward for thier toils and persuit of the top level of experience. Congrats to Elder Scryll Elder Kalea General Lomar Boss Kasragerg Warmonger Ascoli Grunt Visskar Grunt Heriotan Grunt Orcala Warden Neoscoryn Warden Boven Warden Wagruk
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