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  1. Well.. Show how out-of-touch I am with forms of online communication. I still primarily use Email and message boards. Downloading now! See you soon!
  2. I did make it out of the starting zone. However, I don't know if the starting zone has changed since you last played it. My starting zone (Path of Courage? Not sure.. Going to reroll tonight anyway) did not have anyone tank for me. You talk to the wounded guard, go to the gate, talk to the NPC there (Or go talk to the other NPC and escort him back to the wounded guard), and immediately it's just you against an elf warrior. First one is easy, but they placed the second one in aggro range of another pair, one mage one archer. Then there's the wolves real close by that can also aggro. I also watched a few more videos today about the skill and deck system. Sorta need to restart again. I think this is the 4th iteration of the tutorial I have tried. I remember the one you may be thinking of, where the NPC at the gate crosses the stone bridge with you and you face off against skeletons.. That's not it anymore, or not the one I ended up in. Thanks for the info! I'll be in touch! No mic for Discord yet, but I will eventually be getting one.
  3. I am playing as Thayn Silverblade. Do friends lists need the full name? What did you do in the tutorial? Every time I swing a sword or use a blade-based ability, "Miss, Miss, Miss, 2 damage!". And I'm literally standing just about on top of them. Even tried going back and spent a bunch of experience (That's another thing - Moves cost experience?) on a training dummy to try to raise there levels. To say nothing about getting nuked from range. Guess I need to learn if this is truly action based combat or not. Much to learn! Thanks! Yeah, I found a youtube video talking about the deck building. Just odd that something so critical is excluded from the tutorial.
  4. I am trying! They've done some improvements over the last few months.. Still confused why they want you to get your butt kicked in the opening scene if you prefer sword and board (Very off-putting for new players - A mage, an archer, and a melee in close aggro range?), to say nothing about them not telling you about deck configuration as part of the tutorial, but I'm giving it an honest attempt! I think I successfully added you and Borg to my friends list. so hopefully I'll catch one of you guys when you're on!
  5. Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment! Look forward to seeing you guys in game Soon©.
  6. If there are more active members and we're short on space, no worries about a home for me. It'll just be nice to be doing things with the guild again. .. As time allows, of course.
  7. Thayn Silverblade for me at the moment, though I'm not on much
  8. I'm against gang violence.... Unless it's cool and RP'ed well... Nice shot.
  9. Coldren

    IPY 2

    I don't know how people feel about freeshard postings here.. But this one is too good to pass up. http://inporylem.com/ I've been following this freeshard since it's annoucement, and I can say I have... errr.. Intimate knowledge of it's workings. It's going to be EXCELLENT, and it's everything EA has failed to provide UO with. It's all about communities, and the tools with which to build them. It caters not only to great PvP, but also RP and PvE. I could go on and on.. I'd suggest reading the forums and and the creators blog, http://azaroth.org/. Hope to see you all there. My post name there is Thayn.
  10. Don't know who is active and who isn't, but the poster known as Gheed on the Stratics site was the winner of the Catskills human housing plot in the Abyss. He is offering a space for PGoH to be represented. Please contact him via Stratics messaging if you can.
  11. Also add at least 1000 of each Ingot type, and 5 of every kind of gem that comes from mining. Thom is currently holding the deeds and the gems to the best of my knowledge, as I couldn't find the good Senator.
  12. Hey Brightblade! Good to see you still lurking. And yeah, even Borg was on last night, so you know things are hopping.
  13. Why thank you. I do try to stop by from time to time. I ebb and flow with the seas.
  14. In lieu of my ability to resub and attend in person, my fondest wishes and hopes to you both. Congratulations! May it be a rewarding adventure for both of you.
  15. I'm always late to the party. Happy Birthday, indeed. I could spin yarns of tales of days of old from past to present, but they'd hardly do my reverence for the guild and the empire any justice. To 11 more years.
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