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  1. 20 Years ago.... 20... That is probably a large chunk of many guardians lives. 20 Years ago Myself, Sir Lags A Lot and Yukon Bob created The Purple Guardians of Honor in the Ultima Online game engine.....first game of its kind and grand father to all MMORPG after it. Soon we met up with a wizard in training named Balandar, blacksmith named Rattlehead, Warrior Mage Moongem, Warrior Wolf, Mage Warrior Martok..Arthil...Scout....Brightblade, Coldren, Schneider...the list kept growing over time in UO until we were the dominant RP Event guild in Catskills. As other game engi
  2. Greetings travelers and adventurers... it is with great pleasure that I announce that the dynamic version of HONOR HOLD is open and ready for membership colonization. Baron Balandar Ebonblack and his slave Naladinya along with Knight Marshall Schneider Dragonfang and his kin Christoph have completed the great walls of HONOR HOLD. Recent additions of the GUST BALL field and the realms JOUSTING ARENA have been completed and await the upcoming Royals (Dev Team) Tournament. The HOLD Pavilion is full of the highest level crafting stations and nearby is a magical vendor and general provisioner
  3. Whether it has been recently (Georges St. Pierre) or those that have been with us from earliest days (Wolf and Martok)....we have adventured across many a land, world, galaxy and universe. Together we have shared victories and defeats, laughter and heated conversations, births of children and deaths of brethren. No matter what the challenge though we faced them with great vigor and have accomplished what many never come close to.....building an everlasting guild of friends.....a new age family. A combination of many approaches to game play; from the righteous to the dark forces always fi
  4. I will be seeking to find the first edition NOT COPY versions of some we already collected....and soon player books will be added...as we are already finding some in game.
  5. Updated buildings we have bought for guild and roles that we are recruiting for with building plans for those roles within guild. Locations for the RP roles will be reserved within HONOR HOLD for players that can fullfill those RP roles with great commitment and gameplay.
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    just the words in white......rest is game client
  7. This image shows the overall layout plans for HONOR HOLD Static town....the first HOLD version before we expand.
  8. Here is an image of the village Lysts we will build in HONOR HOLD until our Static Town is built with the LYSTS within it with Lord British's Residence and Darkstarrs Church. Also an example of a blank Tournament board Slot shield (grey circle) and one with an IMPORTED Coat of Arms from a ROYAL FOUNDER that is recognized by the official Shroud of the Avatar College of Arms and HONOR HOLD's JOUSTING HALL OF REGISTRY.
  9. Here is a summary and example of the JOUSTING TOURNAMENT BOARD. Wishlist is that this gets built into a Jousting mechanics and system ingame to be a 24/7 system for all players.....until then we will maintain the operations for events for the REALM championships and tournaments and help fellow guilds use the static HONOR HOLD Lysts.
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