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    Lady Lora DeBlood, Ne’er a soul as bright, As that of this princess, within her a shining light, Acting like a beacon, guiding through the night, Or like a compass, showing paths that are right, A natural leader, many claim to be, But until you meet her, you may never see, How true this phrase applies to this maiden fair, With her compassionate eyes and her ice white hair, Her regal stature, her casual stare, Her adherence to the virtues, which too few share, Her love for her animals, and all things good, The dragons of Destard, and Nightmares of the wood, Mistake this not for naivete or weakness, For she has seen her share of bleakness, And yet always she strives on, Keeping her head high and her hopes upon, Her abilities and friends, which have served her well, Many of whom would follow her to the gates of hell, Carrying herself with such grace, A tamer full of honor, with a smiling face, Though she sometimes works behind the scenes, Upon her shoulders many a thing leans, Responsibility, to her beliefs and guild, Helping our homes and friendships to build, Oft misunderstood, she never lost hope, In our worst times she was there, helping us cope, With the loss of old friends, or keeping us together, Through good times and perilous weather, Sharing the times, good and bad, Never letting us dwell on failure, or be sad, Always there when it all seems surreal, Tending our wounds, helping us heal, After all this time, where will it end, For who can tame a wild wind, You may ask me who I think of as an ideal, I answer to you “Lora Deblood” with all my zeal.
  1. You know me I am still in UO at this moment no plans for anything else , I go by and check it all the time, less and less houses though in uo nowadays it maybe on its way out.. but we have new hope with Mesanna
  2. Hey , Guys been awhile since I have stopped by.. Bal your house in uo is still standing , Martok you old dog how the heck are you, Stan , how have you been been awhile since we have talked so wanted to drop in and say hi to ya all and hope all is well Devin Ashley Lori
  3. Congratulations!! now what are ya doing posting if lil one asleep you should be trying, bless you and your new family and make sure you give your wife big hug , as she deserves it
  4. As you all read this , please tonight give your kids a hug and kiss knowing how truly lucky we all are "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. May Angels watch me through the night Until I wake, in Morning light..." Evan Emerson Spencer Born: April 4, 1:24 pm Weight: 3lbs. 11 oz Length: 17.25 in When tomorrow starts without me And I’m not there to see If the sun should rise and find your eyes All filled with tears for me. I wish so much you wouldn’t cry The way you did today, While thinking of the many things We didn’t get to say. I know how much you love
  5. Devins Chars have these skills split between them 120 blacksmithing, 120 tailoring, 100 carpentry, 100 bowcraft/fletching, 100 lumberjacking. 100 tinker, 100 carp, 100 alchemist, 100 inscription,100 Bowyer
  6. i am like the rest really cannot pinpoint a time this is the first day i think in two weeks that i have even logged into uo , family stuff is busy this time of year
  7. i do not believe they are out to the public yet from what i have read they will be 19.99 from ea so i am going figure then between 2-4 mil in game just my thoughts devin
  8. Sorry Ice i will have to make you unhappy as i opted out, i was the brunt of something recently in the army system , so over the years i have learned to just opt out Ask Kd sometime about all the crap that has happened here on boards or in game, And for some it was my fault freely admit that, but at least 89% i had proof that twas not me so i quietly quit and will let you all have the fun ya all know where you can find me in uo or D&D and everyone knows if i can help you in uo with anything you want just ask ill do my best to find it Cannot help anyone in D&D yet as i have to lear
  9. i voted no,.reason being the people that are high up have worked hard to reach the top it took them months and months to get there. And trust me the battle to reach the top is not an easy one, but it can be done , first off you dump everything you have into defense , even myself to this day have to dump into defense vs the top two to maintain my status But of late with all the complaints over it , its really no fun so i am opting out totally , because a game should be fun So thus ya all won't have to worry about me Should make some people happy
  10. Wolf after his remark i hope you sent him some kind of but *grins* just kidding how you doing? are ya gonna be able show up little in d&d? if so am looking forward to some good ole fashion fun again...
  11. that could be part of problem but alot of times bal has to give them premission to be able to post if they are a member of guild, or that is way it used to be charlie i will contact bal to day to see if he can fix it
  12. hey gab give devin an icq about that other matter 99630541 thanks
  13. charlie send a message to bal he can fix it
  14. hehe that is true i will conceed defeat
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