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  1. https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/release-33-post-mortem-q-a-those-that-got-missed.62019/ Darkstarr himself answered my discord question in this post. Listed under discord/twitch questions. So now we know how many other towns are going static, now we have to wonder how many of them will be built before Honor Hold. Schneider can you give us an estimate of how many player owned towns will be going with a static build, and if so how many are there compared to dynamic. STARR: Currently 18 of the 330 POTs have chosen to go with Custom Static
  2. Honor Hold coming in at 110. The census investigator must have come around after the placement of the garrison. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1prdLScqCGxVly3F-e9hiBXjGu0jPwO8Qldeu6fqAwmM/edit#gid=0
  3. Greetings Avatars, The newly acquired 2 story stone town keep is now placed inside Honor Hold. It is sitting on a tax free town deed, it comes with 16 rooms. Albeit these will be small rooms. But will be made available to any member of the Empire who joins and needs a place to call their own and stash items. I have no plans on charging new guild members rent. Hope you all have a wonderful day Avatars, see you on the other side of the rift.
  4. This guide is not mine, it was created my ThemoLock of Pax Veritas. I think it is a godsend and makes some good points. https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/what-is-going-on-a-sota-leveling-guide.41503/ After you read it leave a comment. Strength and Honor.
  5. https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/r26-all-player-towns-gathering-sun-feb-21-at-1-3-pm-cst-and-12-pm-party.45931/#post-5081 Well there is the link, it's being setup by members of the SOTAcommunity, this is by far the best and easiest way for our Guild to be noticed. I've already made several friends and multiple guilds in order to get our name out there. It falls on a sunday in the afternoon, so no conflicts with walking dead or work. I would be even more grateful if those who are waiting to return or join SOTA after final wipe to join as soon as you can, so we can make preparations. (On a little sidenote the jousting arena being built on my town deed lot is coming along great, just need to go grind and kill mobs to afford to buy 2 more bleachers at 3k gold a piece.) Thanks for reading fellow HONOR members, Schneider
  6. Not a problem, I have always loved making videos, especially once i started building my own pc rigs.
  7. Episode 2 should be ready for viewing tonight or tomorrow.
  8. This past sunday our mighty heroes Lord Borg, Baron Balandar and the Knight Marshall Schneiderventure out in search of the legendary Obsidian Forge, instead once again our mighty heroes encounter a Troll of gigantic proportions. Will they overcome this huge obstacle and continue their quest to find the Obsidian Forge? Or wiill evil triumph? Stay Tuned!!!
  9. These were created by another sota community member and placed on good drive for all users. Crafting is still in its puberty stage at this point, but already i am seeing some wicked combos like a 2 handed longsword of sorcery(fire). The sword is made out of copper with a bronze hilt.
  10. I was also lvl 28 but i had on epic plate gear, my helmet was an augmented plate helmet. I plan on doing a video here shortly about crafting and what gear i have been progressing with. Right now I have the ability to make iron gold copper silver bronze and other weird types of ingots used in making swords or armor. I am still trying to catch up with videos recorded over the weekend plus my webinars for work. But i will tell you this, as a veteran of the smithing system in UO, the system in sota is excellent atm. Can't wait to see everyone in game.
  11. Greetings, With great peril Me and Balandar, embarked on a journey of discovery into the bowels of Desolis Dungeon, just north from Eastreach Gap north from Soltown. I had heard rumors or huge gigantic ruby formations, that I could mine to my hearts content. But what me and Balandar had found there instead was truly horrifying. The only footage to survive from our mechanical raven recorder was the final battle with a troll.
  12. During today's Release 26 post mortum it was brought up that a certain guild have used an exploit in order to mas a ton of gold. Instead what unfolded from Darkstarr is that he asked the guild to disperse the gold among the inhabitants of sota. For more details see below. https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/bmc-to-give-away-55-000-000gp.45272/ Now more than ever, if any of my honor brothers and sisters are watching wondering when or if they will join in Shroud of the Avatar, the time is indeed now.
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