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  1. This month's fishing competition will run from May 9th to 16th . The requested fish for this month is the Holy Mackeral. Holy Mackeral are caught in Gravewater Lake in Malas. It is reported to have been caught by fishermen as low as Adept level (80 skill). The prizes for this competition will depend on the size of the fish you can catch. The biggest fish will win you five thousand gold per stone of weight of the fish. The second place fish will win you three thousand gold per stone of weight. Third place will win two thousand gold per stone of weight. An additional million gold check will be a
  2. It's good to hear from you, feel free to drop by anytime and check things out. I'm glad you got a chance to check out Olympus at least, there's been a lot of changes recently.
  3. Murder in Olympus! Guardians powerless to find killer in their midst By Katrina Hawkins In the early evening hours a few days ago a poor innocent woman was brutally murdered in the Guardian's town of Olympus. The woman, known only as Priscilla, was stabbed multiple times and left in the woods in the residential district of Olympus. After asking several Guardians, all of whom denied even knowing of the murder, I finally found one who would at least admit to knowing about it. The Knight Alexia became belligerent and denied having the ability to even give an interview, even when confront
  4. Thom

    sig test

    Looks good Eban... might want to work on hiding the effects of your smoking a little better though
  5. I need a list of events you want to see happen at the Honordays festival this year. So far the only suggestions i've received were to have a fair/market day. I'll be using the meeting this week (yes there will be one and i'd like as many people as possible to come for it) to discuss this as well as a few other things both IC and OOC.
  6. Honestly Charlie, just for the sake of trying to correct any misconceptions you may have about what happened last night I would like to say that I knew who you were the minute you walked in the door of Galehaven. I rped with you just like I would any other person up until the point that something I had been waiting on happened. We didn't ignore you asking to join, I even asked you a few questions about why you wanted to do so. Eban told you what you had to do, talk to Thom or Piper since nobody in the room had the authority to interveiw or add you to the guild. I had personally been waitin
  7. Pete nine-fingers won. This was taken right after he got the winning score in the shootoff against Bullseye which for some reason irritated the other pirates and a free for all broke out.
  8. Casino night needs a lead still as does everything except the stuff posted in this thread. I was planning on taking the joust and bards night but could certainly use some help with them if anybody is up for it.
  9. I've edited my first post to show the dates and times for events. If nobody has a problem with them i'm going to try and get a post on Stratics with the full list while I get rules for some of the events that need them gathered up.
  10. Soo... you were really drunk last night huh
  11. Think we should probably go for two weeks on this one with one event per day if possible. Although we could run a lot of the smaller events during the feast in addition to the egg hunt. So something like this... Zeus - Opening Closing/Ceremonies - opening October 11th Olympus, closing October 25th 7 pm Temple Mars - Jousting Tournament - Saturday the 17th 9 pm Market/Jousting arena Ceres - Egg Hunt and Feast - Wednesday the 21st 8 pm Galehaven/moonglow fields Posiedon - Community Nets - Tuesday the 20th at 8 pm Castle Vulcan - Mining Event - Monday the 19th 9 pm Market Apollo - Bards Ni
  12. Thom

    GM Imbuing

    Didn't have any choice in the matter on the laptop. I could have Vista or... Vista. And i'll point out one other fun little fact. As cluttered as mine is I have a MUCH cleaner pack then Kodoz ever had.
  13. Thom

    GM Imbuing

    With a little help I managed to GM imbuing tonight.
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