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  1. Well, the day has arrived. 4PM today PST, Landmark servers power down. Going to miss this one as much as I miss the people who had the vision. Turning on my grouchy mode for the day in honor of its passing.
  2. Yep. Just saw this. For all the hooplah Sony had, Daybreak just doesn't want to innovate, implement the newest technology, and expend resources on it. Another business decision that is bringing the original innovative MMO down further. Should be called Nightsoil Games......
  3. Here is a link to screenshots submitted for a contest. Worth seeing what some people have accomplished. http://daybreakgames.votigo.com/fbcontests/profiletab/Landmark-Screenshot-Contest-1
  4. I kept looking at the Ground area, not up on the wall. Silly me.
  5. I found these questions and their answers refreshing - Nolove 0369: What are the chances to remove the Random from the Enchanting and Master Crafting skill, STARR: We do not plan on doing this. It would be destructive to the economy if everyone could create exactly the same item at will and destroy all rarity in the system. It would also eliminate an important sink in the economy. Are there going to be adjustments to the crafting recipes to reduce the huge amount of resources needed to make a item, (IE 10 metal ingot to make a ring or 12 scrap per ingot). STARR: No. This would lead to a huge glut of items and prices would crash making crafting a completely unprofitable profession. Will the NPC vendors be adjusted to where they buy items and pay the players higher prices, as the item prices increase until there back down to the Base price. STARR: No. This would create an endless faucet of gold that would lead to hyper inflation in the economy. Alfa: If you are going to keep the merchants paying low are you going to lower the prices for Crafting supplies, Reagents and repairs? STARR: No. We want players to supply those things in the long term and compete with lower prices. Browncoat Jayson: Crafting in general is fairly lackluster, mostly because there is no interaction. its simply click-and-wait. Can there be some Active skills added STARR: For every player that wants to have something like this there are many more who would hate to have to do this and find it very repetitive. We do not have any plans for this at this time.
  6. What kind of "books" are we considering writing? .....<ponders>
  7. See lower left for detail of my death.
  8. Thoughts - Many "villages" and "cities" in rustic worlds used low stone walls rather than the 8 foot tall ones I have seen in game on peoples lots. Subtle low stone walls, "road markers", "Milestones" may provide a unique difference, if something clever can be incorporated by us into game. Does Sota provide 'street' markers, wayguide posts and the like?
  9. Maybe show the lists at the town behind them? Maybe a lance or similar weapon?
  10. Photoshopped........ <grins>
  11. Current maps from in game. Shows the Islands by Name and zone types (Jungle, Desert, Tundra, Volcanic, etc.) https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/landmark-islands-list.54514/ I am not posting the pictures here - too many.
  12. This is intended to stay true. Placement will be decided after wipe
  13. Happy Birthday to Eldoran Nobleheart on June 3. My first EQ Guild Leader, Sacred Legion of Tunare!!
  14. Is anyone (else) out there a MCU movie-phile? Would love to chat about movies past, present and to come. I followed Marvel more than DC and prefer Marvel comics heroes to DC more in that they are more 'down-to-earth' than over-powered as in DC. And for those who may not know, the old Spiderman, Fantastic Four and X-Men movies (now including Deadpool) were made under Sony Pictures oversight who had/has the rights to use and marketing rights to those 'titles' and characters which was why they did not show up nor are mentioned in the MCU movies (Iron Man, Thor, Capt America, Ant Man, Hulk, etc).
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