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  1. Calli

    Hello old friends!

    Also... if you have facebook... please feel free to add me hlaney36278@yahoo.com and I would love to add you to our facebook page.
  2. Calli

    Hello old friends!

    hi Strider this is Kali were still around hope to see you in game soon using my text to talk out wow I'm driving so there may be a few misspellings please forgive me
  3. Calli

    Congrats Esidor!!

    Congrats to our newest knight Esidor Vandiir... not only on marrying the bestest knight ever in PGoH but on passing his Codex as well!!
  4. We're just fine and dandy like a hard candy Christmas Merry Christmas Piper!!
  5. Calli

    Old stories ,by Charlie

    Although I have to admit with RL I am extremely busy, nothing beats UO. I've tried other games but PGOH/UO is all there is for me! I also hope to see all you old timers at Calli's wedding. Please please say you will come:)
  6. Calli

    Imperial City of Novitus Sanctum

    I would love to see PGOH to once again rise to the massive number it once was. To have the need not only for Olympus territories but also another! *crosses fingers* One can only hope that maybe we will once again reach these numbers.
  7. Calli

    Merry Christmas

    =D SINDEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! We miss you! Where have you been? I miss the other purple guardian lol!!
  8. Calli

    Merry Christmas

    With only 7 days left to go until Christmas morning, I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.
  9. Calli

    A mess in the pub

    This wouldn't have anything to do with the beatdown Eban was working towards when Calli left would it?
  10. Calli

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope things are going well for everyone and everyone has the best Christmas and New Year ever.
  11. Calli

    Happy Birthday!!!

  12. Calli

    Ceremonial Uniform Changes

    I agree with Mareak afterall. Shouldn't Consularis have a purple uniform as well?
  13. Calli

    Honordayz Day 2: Archery Contest!

    Looks like an awesome time!!! Miss you guys!! Happy Anniversary to PGOH!
  14. Calli

    GM Imbuing

    I thought I was two weeks ago but I have to wait until I can afford to:( It sucks being broke:) Maybe in the next month or so! I really miss you guys.
  15. Calli

    GM Imbuing