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  1. Congrats on your beautiful baby. Here is wishing the whole family happiness and joy and maybe some sleep
  2. Kaer can make all the revered Platemail, as well as the Obsidian gloves from AQ20. Just send me mats, with what you want and I will mail it back to you.
  3. Your new dispel will remove undispellable things, like Divine shield. Which is amazing
  4. Yeah, the poker mod is already legendary in my guild. Like Scryll said, its fantastically easy to hack, so Id avoid betting any "real" money on it.
  5. Where is "dof" ? Are you sure you meant to post this here, and not in the SWG forums?
  6. Thats because they dont have the ability to answer those. Imagine if you were a CM. You read three threads 1) BLiZZZ FIXX my SerVEar!!! 2) Blizz, what will you do to address population imbalance in 1.13? 3) Wolf, whats your favorite color? #1, you already know their server is in trouble, and have alerted the server team, which says they are working on it. You already posted earlier that you were working on it, so you have nothing to say. #2, you asked the devs but they are busy and cant get back to you. So you cant answer it #3 You DO know your favorite color....
  7. Thats the way, except you want to try and divide it into two groups. Move Casters outside the outer wall, north and West more. They should get 2-3 warriors to pick up their targets. Warlocks can banish if they get too many. Melees and some healers to keep them up collapse much as you have in your diagram. Its really important to get 2-3 tanks who have 300+ fr picking them up, otherwise youre going to get rolled. Druids can Bear if warriors go down to give you a bit more time. If you make it past the sons stage with enough dps to finish him, its fairly easy ride. I assume you are using CTRA bossmods for him, in which case it should announce the timing.
  8. Less talk more kings, imo.
  9. Why aren't you kingsing me? I sent you a tell.
  10. Good for the game, horrible for the lore. Also horrible cause now, youre going to have to sacrifice other classes to make room for pallies.....And the most likely class will be shamans. Instead of running 6-7 shamans, likely be like 3-4 of each. Im of two minds on this.
  11. Almost all our rogues specced out of seal fate when 1.11 went live. When they were able to go to PTR 1.11 they got all the free epics characters, which were sword rogues. Within like 2 months they were combat . Combat is the best for dps over time, and raiding. Its just not as good for pvp.
  12. I can make any of the Ironvine equipment for you, just let me know. Or alternatively, if you mail them to me (Kaer) i will send the completed chest back to you.
  13. 1 Rogues, no shamans...the all mage/priest/warrior party!
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