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  1. well if anybody wants to join me on SWG they can
  2. opi ball is kinda like baseball with the bases which can be building or other stuff.so there are four bases and it's like a race so when you get to home you say "opiball"1st place gets 5 points 2nd place gets 4 points and 3rd place gets 3 points and so on.im not sure how many players on each team yet or how the season will work out until we get some more teams and get the rosters ready.atm i am the manager for the hammerheads. i am like the ozzie guillen of opiball.pleo's the only other one that has a team.
  3. It's time for the Opiball league i am starting the first team named the hammerheads anyone looking to join the hammerheads or to start there own team please send me mail.The game will be next saturday at dof and it will be hammergeads vs.TBA.Lets play ball!(the name mkes it seem like something it's not .it's really pretty fun i can explain in game) mail pleo or I for more info
  4. scruffy9


    yo sup opi's in da house!
  5. scruffy9

    Hunt Night

    oops sorry for taking poll diden't know it was UO lol.
  6. im going to save my money to get ep3 dvd i almost never watch movies in theaters unless it's a starwars movie
  7. me too man i'm dirt poor
  8. wow how am i going to live without my pizza? really funny though
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