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  1. OOC: So. I'll be heading back to Argent Dawn.
  2. Erm... I'll try just to add my information about SC leadership, from what I remember. Grug/Uglutz Volonazra Maube Raeda I think.
  3. So... Everybody burning crusading? I'm waiting for my keys to arrive, and in the meantime trying to download the 2G expansion data Life sucks down the tropics. I really need the 4 CD's? I tought something like 1CD would be ok for the expansion... But well. Just passing to say hi, and that I'm playing again, maybe you'll all cross with me in Orgrimmar some time. PS: Maube saw your pics, you're looking great, hope is everything all right. And katak is.. well.. nevermind
  4. If there's any interest, I can provide a fresh database dump.
  5. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.a...9117870&P=1 Read at least until the Blue post on page 3. Hilarious.
  6. Theoretically, we should already be focusing on one target at a time
  7. Selling Mithril Spurs. 10g each. What, me overpriced? No no... Offer and Demand!
  8. So, we did good on the first try last friday. We got him to 21%! down is pictures and some points I would like to discuss. Maybe it's possible to work, or just a bad idea, so. This is how the sons should be spawning. The black dots are all melee people and the ones to the left are MT and OT. the Green dots are the sons. They don't spawn on that linear form, it's more around ragnaros, but you got the idea After that, they'll move to the raged dps. My whole suggestion it's based on tagging the sons before they can move to the collapse area. So: 1) Sons are about to spawn, like 30 seconds, every ranged go to the designated area. Warriors go to make a 'wall' on the south part of the cave. 2) Other melee like rogues and spare warriors (not that I think that there will be any), together with hunters, 'tag' the sons. Basically, attack it so you'll be, probably, on the top of their hate list. 3) Run like hell to the 'wall' on the south. 4) Warriors get the son that it's comming his way and taunt-tank. 5) MT and OT grab 2 or 4 sons and tank it near ragnaros.They will be tha last ones to be dealt with. OT and MT have high FR and each one can, probably, take 2 sons at a time. Just need some healing to stay and keep them up. It should end like this: Yellow blobs: Ranged/Casters/Mana squishies Blue dots: warriors forming a 'wall'. Even Bear form. Green: Sons. Black dots: MT and OT (yes, their healers are not in the picture). The caster/mana users positions and warrior positions must be ready BEFORE the sons spawn. Was talking with my comrade Okktar last night and he suggested we take some time before the fight to train the 'collapse' movement. It is, after everybody is in position, do the 'collapse' one or 2 times before summoning rags, so everybody knows the best route and where they should end, and how much time they need to do it. The point in 'tagging' the sons when they spawn is that way the rogues/hunters/etc can run to a defined warrior, and, if nobody shoots it before the warrior get's it, deliver it safely, without sons aggroing on the ranged and casters around. One of the things that would be nice, but I admit that it's kinda hard to do is: Promote all warriors/bears that will be tanking the sons. Each one, when targeting 'his' son, put one of the raid symbols (star, triangle, etc) on it, so other warriors will know that one is already taken. Each warrior/bear should have his symbols chosen before the raid starts, so nobody trip over other symbols. That would take care of the 'I saw two warriors tanking the same son...' etc... It's hard, I know. But we have no time to tag all sons before they spawn. I'm searching the macro and UI forum, I know there's a macro to quickly set a Target Symbol on your selected target, but as always, the forum is not working :\ After each warrior/bear has got his target, everybody get the target screamed on TS (or targeted by the MA), and burninate. And yes, the strat is not very different from what we are doing right now, I'm just trying to organize the ideas. /discuss
  9. Raiding? ::twitches:: Maybe a vacation... ::twitches:: ::twitches::
  10. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.a...hreadID=9165976 well written complaint from a player.
  11. I know how you feel, Huato. Good travels, you was on the crushers since before my joining and was a piece officer for a long time. Honor on your travels.
  12. it's more the other way around...
  13. greenbull

    cross PvP

    Hmmm. Warsong. One of the biggest PvP realms, and the major brazilian population of them. That will be fun.
  14. Well, I was going for a BE Priest, now I'll go for a BE Paladin. And that makes a lot of BE Paladins on the crushers Okktar sends word, as soon as the Expansion hits the street he'll joi us again. With a BE Paladin. 10 man crusher BE Female Paladin raid on Goldshire! We want our cyber too!
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