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  1. If we can reliably get to Sindragosa or kill her in one night I have no problem with doing that Tuesday and working on Arthas on Thursday. What I would hate to have happen is 6 hours a week of dying to the same boss fostering more anger, frustruation, and hate then the good it may cause in practice. Morale is already in the crapper, and I cant see having two nights of wipe on Arthas helping an already bad attendance issue. Two wipe nights may be the death blow for some people that arent as motivated to get a LK kill. If you want to only do a full clear every two weeks and see how it goes maybe that is a reasonable compromise. Three hours on a thursday is alot of time to practice one boss. Even then after and hour or two I see concentration fade away. I would love to see a LK kill on 25 before summer starts to get into full swing, but I fear that some people will not tolerate two wipe nights for long before they phase themselves out for the summer to do other things and prepare for Cataclysm. Markenhoof
  2. Hope everything is OK. see you when you get back.
  3. Markenhoof


    Damn, Sunwell is the only place I have never been, if you decide to go again please let me know. Would love to see it.
  4. I should have my computer back and ready tomorrow (hopefully), I hope they find the ###### who made this virus so I can kick him in the nuts. Can't stand my GF's Mac, but I figured I should drop in in case Jestin pulled the same stunt he did on Ug and "forget" to tell everyone he wasnt going to make it to raid.
  5. I will not be able to make it on Tuesday, my girlfriends parents are FINALLY leaving the next day (cheer) and everyone is coming over for a party. After that I will tune in to watch the Red Wings play a game 7. Should be good to go for raid nights in the near future unless a Red Wing playoff game falls on them. Wish you well on Tuesday, kick Putricide in the nuts for me. Markenhoof
  6. Quite honestly you scare me so i am glad I am a Tree
  7. I think someone spent too much time in SSC. Can you imagine leveling to 80 with this above you? R Kelly will NEVER live down his "extracurricular activities"
  8. *Points at Zu* Look! That Troll pooped his pants!
  9. Send me an invite if you need some heals. I would love to see that fight and kill him.
  10. I will heal if you still have room for another one Zu.
  11. *Skywatcher's wolf cat sings him Happy Birthday*
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