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  1. Wednesdays are completely out for me.
  2. Well, for selfish reasons I'll miss chattin and runnin with ya in game... I hope all is well, and hope ta see ya soon bruddah.
  3. ... what amahli said... sure it's cute to be top of the damage charts... but let's not forget that those who emerge in the end are the ones still alive... not the ones with the biggest epeens... ;P i dont mean to gripe, and this isn't necessarily directed at anyone in our guild, but the fights in these dungeons are getting increasingly trickier, in that they are far from your usual tank and spank DPS the hell out of everything fight... if we're going to have any chance in the 25 mans, and places like kharazan and beyond, we're going to have to seriously step up and forget nearly everything we've been used to in MC, ZG, etc... /end of gripe
  4. Ya... I hate to be away for the time being... getting my ######e in order and all that... I understand the decision... but that doesnt mean I never want to see Nef downed by the Crushers... I hope that the rigor and determination of out raiders doesn't falter simply because of a little challenge!
  5. I'm with Vendes... (although, she may not want to dive as far into the Rabbit Hole)... 61 Resto, Ef Tee Double U. Big Leafy
  6. Everyone, i just wanted to thank everyone who donated, helped farm, and otherwise helped pass the time with me as i grinded the final few thousand rep to exalted... i now have my sexah mace and a nice +55 to heals on it... DABU crushers... DABU!
  7. Side note... i have all the fixins to summon a lord... if lats wanna help down it before AQ, i'll be grateful!
  8. Same thing happened to me Maube... Loaded WoW once, no prob... loaded it again, and got some error with the BackgroundDownloader.exe... i'm checking and repairing my files now... Jesus, i hope this doesnt affect everyone...
  9. Greetins lats... dis moo is so vewy close to da exalted wit da Cenarion folk an despite da new realsm openin on da otha side of dat big portal, he wuld like vewy much ta wield his Mace frum da AQ... if any lats hab extra twilight texts ta donate, it wuld much appreciated... dabu!
  10. I'm 65% into the 468 MB file now... should be done tonight. If someone has a hosting service with that much space, I could upload it for all the crushers to share...
  11. Hahaha... ahhhhh, that was great Graw! Killer composition! Can we expect more?
  12. I totally need this. For serious.
  13. Can I be your third Xir?
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