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Morning Surprise


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So I woke up nice and early this morning and headed down to my car. I had plans of doing my site visits in Baltimore...

To my surprise I found a brick thrown through my passenger window and sitting in the seat. YAY!

They didn't rip apart anything, but they stole everything they could get their hands on. GPS navigation stuff in the glove box, cd's...some cash. Stole the registration out of the glove box! They even got into my trunk and stole my suitcase!

If I see a street rat walking around town wearing Haggar pants and a polo shirt, I am going to put a brick through his forehead.

I love Camden NJ.

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Sorry to hear that :cool:

The tittle left a lot to the imagination though - I saw morning surprise and thought perhaps you had brought home some fugly chick from the bar last night after putting on the beer goggles and realized what ya slept with :yahoo:

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Argh, sorry to hear about that. Usual things to do: replace your tags/registration (check your stickers on the plates too, they are often stolen), keep everything that implies value out of the car when parked (including phone chargers and so forth), etc. Hehehe, be thankful they left your car there :nub:

Kinda reminds me of a friend of mine in Miami that had his stereo stolen for the second time. Rather than replacing it, he replaced his window and left a sign on his dash that said "No stereo, so don't bother". He walked out the next day to find all of his windows smashed and on the back of his sign, someone had written "Get one". All kinds of people in this world...too bad so many of them are jerks.

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Martok, sorry to hear about the brick and all that...I had something similiar happen to be overnight in Atlanta...I was only there for a BBS convention, but anyways... I grew up in NY... a "trick" I learned from my father, put a switch in place, under the dash, or a wieght activated one under the seat, *something* to turn on and off the battery, as your car is now "marked" to be stolen later; thats why they took the registration.

The switch will help fustrate the beginner thieves that used the brick on your window. Just trying to help ya out some... unless you know how to actually "ShokFrost" them ######s...*grinin*


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