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  1. A blonde blood knight sat cross-legged on her bed holding book of parchment bound in leather and a quill that was formed from her dearest friend's owl, Errol. On the front cover of the book was a golden script stating "To my dearest friend, Love Kieranna". Saephere sat quietly staring at the blank page of parchment momentarily as she traced her jaw with the owl feathered quill. She dipped the quill in the inkwell next to her on the bed, being careful as to not spill it. "Dear Journal, It has been many years since Serixie came back to me and it almost seems about that long since I have written. So much has happened. So much has changed. Apparently, Serixie had been killed in combat and raised again by the Lich King. She didn't even seem human with her grey skin, black hair, and metallic voice. Regardless of her condition, I was overjoyed when I saw her standing at the door. I took her into my arms and never wanted to let go. I had missed her terribly and there she was standing in the same room hugging me. I guess miracles really do happen. Although..she was different. I guess being raised from the dead and used as an accessory to the Lich King's evil plan can do that to a soul. Even one as strong as my elder sister. Not too long after Serixie returned to me, the unthinkable happened. Deathwing The Destroyer broke free from his restraints and began terrorizing the world. He scorched lands killing plants, animals, and many allies. Kieranna came across his path in Uldum! She narrowly escaped with her life. She came home a bit scorched that day. Her face, hair, and armor all blacked from Deathwing's fiery breath. Many new areas, such as Uldum, were revealed the day Deathwing escaped and turned our world upside down. At this time, I shifted my focus from protecting my allies with my sword and shield to healing them in combat. I am honestly not sure why I made such a decision, but it felt like the right thing to do. The training to wield the light in a healing way, that was much stronger than what I had already known, was strenuous. Retraining myself on how to keep my allies alive when facing even the deadliest foes took such a toll on my body and mind. In the end, it was well worth it. Eventually, enough masses united against Deathwing to bring him down. It was in a death match that I will never have the words to explain. Praise the light that we succeeded! Deathwing Destroyer of Words had fallen thanks to our united efforts. Our lives began to settle down once again to the daily missions requested of us all. Kieranna and I stayed in her living quarters in Orgrimmar most of the time. The convenience the mage portals provided in Orgrimmar made the daily missions much easier to get to. It saved time and gold to just stay in Orgrimmar for the time being. Serixie has her own little place in Shattrath. She prefers to stay there, dropping by on occasion to spend time catching up with me. Recently, rumors began floating around regarding a strange island hidden within the mist. Gorrosh...." Seaphere paused, staring at the name. She rolled her eyes and scoffed.* "What a pompous, arrogant, oaf!" she sighed to herself. "....sent summons to all able bodied Horde, who meet the 85th season requirement, to go forth immediately and set up a foothold for us there meanwhile killing all Alliance that happened to cross our path. Whether they were in the way or not. I took the newly constructed airship outside of Orgrimmar to this new land. Honestly, I have not been there for very long before I needed to come home, rest, and gather supplies for a longer stay on the strange continent. From what I can see, it is a strange and beautiful place. I am thrilled to learn more about this island and any mysteries it contains. I will be polishing up my best armor to venture there tomorrow. Hopefully Kieranna and Serixie will join me soon! This must be the first time, since I have met Kier, that I will be the first to venture into unknown territory. I am so excited about going tomorrow. I am sure sleep will not come easily for me tonight. Perhaps I should count Kier's pets jumping over a fence." *Seaphere giggled* "Then again, that would take far too long! So long for now, Journal. I am off to try and sleep...right..like that will happen...and ponder what the rest of this new world is like! Love, Saephere" She closed the leather bound book and slid it under her bed. She blew out the candle, extinguishing the little bit of light left in her room. The room was engulfed in darkness. Saephere lay in bed a long while before sleep finally dragged her into unconsciousness.
  3. OOOORI! omg omg Ori! HAI! I'm so happy to hear from you. Glad to see things are going well. Sent you a friend request on facebook TTFN
  4. Shelah! :dancing_smile: Hope you have a great day!
  5. Hey all congratulations
  6. *Runs into basecamp full box of hot pink fireproof scrunchies in hand* HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAR! *Ties a few scrunchies to each ear and his tail. Saephere takes a few steps back and tilts her head slightly to the side to admire her work* Kieranna off to the side watching Baracko get bathed in scrunchies, falls off her chair laughing. "Bar, you look just beautiful" Kier says in between fits of laughter. Edit: Oops...Happy Belated Birthday Bar
  7. Happy Birthday Holy! Happy Birthday!
  8. Yay, no more polka-dancing with trash mobs (soon). Um Holy, you should know the Blizzard definition of the word soon by now ;o) http://www.wowwiki.com/Soon
  9. **note [text] in the past* The young paladin sat, cross-legged on the floor of her room in front of a small battered box. The old gem covered box contained what few items she had left of her past; the things she held close to her heart; a few faded photographs of her family, her journal, and a ring that once belonged to her older sister. The box itself use to be her mother's. Her fingers gently traced the edges of the golden item. Holding her breath as she opened the box, the hinges creaked from age and the lack of use. It had been such a long time since she revisited the memories held within. Saephere picked up the small notebook bound in leather and covered in dust. She randomly flipped through the pages of parchment. The book opened to a page that was smudged with tear stains. Upon further examination, the normally delicate and beautiful writing was traded in for chaotic scribbles. Journal, Why must they go why must they leave me and Seri all alone all by ourselves! *the writing here was illegible from the tears* now with mom and dad's friends until they figure out what to do with us. Mom and dad are gone. dead why would they do this to us? I don't understand. *Illegible from tears* fire. The flames were so big! I don't want to be left alone. Don't want to be alone.! Newly fallen tears mingled with the past smudges on the parchment. Saephere wiped her eyes and forced back the tears that threatened to join the others dancing on her cheek. With a sigh she flipped a few pages further into the notebook. Hello journal, Mom and dad's friend's can't look after us. Seri and I are going to the Silvermoon Orphanage tomorrow. I'm scared but Seri said it we be okay. She promised she will take care of me. They took us back to the house to get our belongings...there wasn't much left..it was a mess of ash and burnt rubble. I hardly recognized the ruin that use to be our home. I did find a few pictures and mom's jewelbox buried in the ash. I miss them so much. Why did they have to leave us? Dear Journal, Seri has been acting kinda strange lately. She finally talked to me today. She says she is being sent away. Something about a big war and she was just old enough to fight. Saephere's head tilted back. Her short blonde locks falling behind her head. "I remember that day" her soft voice barely audible. Her thoughts raced back to that day and time. [The sun shone through the window at the far end of the room. Serixie sat on the wooden bench next to the window, staring out onto the streets of Silvermoon. Staring, but not really seeing anything. Saephere walked quietly over to her sister. She wrapped her arms around Serixie's shoulders, partially leaning on her, partially hugging her. "Seri, what's wrong? You've been so quiet and distant lately." Serixie swallowed hard not breaking her gaze out the window. "I have to leave Saeph…They.." Serixie licked her lips before she continued, "They are sending me away to fight. There is a war..." "I want to go with you! I will go and fight too!" Saephere broke in "NO!" Serixie's voice boomed through the empty room. Saephere jumped. "You are too young. You cannot come. I do not want you to get hurt." "But, I don't want YOU to get hurt" Saephere's voice cracked. Serixie looked down at her hands. She was scared. She did not know how to fight, but she had to be strong, for Saephere. She sat straight up, squaring her shoulders she faced her baby sister. "Saephere, I will be okay. I will," Serixie began removing the small golden band from her finger "come back for you." She took the ring off and placed it in Saephere's hand. "I will return for you my sister. I love you." The sisters embraced each other tightly. Neither wanting to let go. Neither wanting time to move on.] The memory faded into the distance. Saephere looked back down at the book in her lap. She flipped onward. Deeper into the book, into the memories of her past. Dear Journal, It has been a few years since Serixie left. I haven't heard anything from her in a while. She always writes me. Why would she stop now? I miss her so much and I'm getting very worried. I had a meeting with the Orphan Matron today. She said that my time has come. I am old enough to leave the orphanage... [The office was brightly lit, full of books and paperwork. The Orphan Matron dipped her quill in ink and placed it to the parchment, "Saephere, we have enrolled you in the Blood Knight program." Her hands diligently worked, flolding the note, placing it into a small envelope and sealing it with wax and her crest. She handed the envelope to the small blood elf standing before her. "Me? A Blood Knight?!" Saephere's eyes were wide; trying to picture herself clad in plate heading into a fight. "You will make a fine Blood Knight, Saephere. There are a few paths to choose from. You can take the one of a Holy Blood Knight to heal the wounded in battle, the path of the Blood Knight of Protection to protect our people and our allies in battle, and there is the Retribution Blood Knight to bring the vengeance of our people to our enemies in battle." Saephere blinked at the envelope in her hand. She did not like nor want to fight. She understood that sometimes it was a necessity even though it was not her favorite way to resolve a problem. She nodded at the Orphan Matron, "Thank you, Ma'am." I will get my belongings right away.] Dear Journal, I met a Ranger in Silvermoon tonight. She noticed me sitting by the fountain; staring off into space. She took me in and gave me a place to stay. A smile etched it's way across Saephere's lips. Her fingertips tracing the word "Ranger". Kieranna. My dear friend and guardian. [The new Blood Knight sat on the ledge of the fountain. The moon was high. Shining brightly on the few inhabitants still walking the streets of Silvermoon. Saephere's hand glided across the water leaving riples in it's wake. "Bal'a dash young paladin!" Saephere turned around on her perch to see a red headed ranger standing before her. Her pet, a beatiful white cat with black stripes sat patiently beside her. Saephere nodded at the stranger. The ranger held out her hand, "I am Kieranna; you can call me Kier. This is Shere'Khan. Don't worry, he does not bite. Unless I command him to," Kieranna winked. Saephere shook her hand, "Saephere" "You are out late. Are you a night owl like me?" Kieranna inquired sitting next to Saephere on the fountain ledge." "Um..no..not really." Confused, Kieranna tilted her head to the side, "Why are you out so late then?" A sigh escaped the new paladin, "I" She looked way from the hunter, "I have no where to go. They just released me from the orphanage a few days ago. My family and my family home are gone." The red head blinked at her, "You….have…nowhere…to stay?!" Saephere nodded slowly, her eyes falling to her hands resting on her lap. Kieranna smiled, "Why don't you come stay with me? I have an extra room you can have at my place." She chuckled, "That is if you do not mind sharing a house with a few large cats." Saephere's head snapped up, "You would let me stay with you?" "Why not? I have an extra room and you need a place to stay. Do not worry about paying for room and board just yet. Just worry about adjusting. Then we can talk about some kinda of arrangement." The hunter grinned again "Thank you so much!" Saephere threw her arms around the hunter. Kieranna slightly stunned, hesitated for a few moments before wrapping her arms around Saephere, "No worries." Kieranna stood up, "I have 2 homes actually! One in Silvermoon and one in Shattrath. You can stay in the Silvermoon home until you are old enough to venture into Outland. Come! My home is this way! I hope you like talbuk steak, because I'm starving!" The hunter pranced ahead. Saephere hesitated, biting her lip. "What's wrong?" Kieranna stopped and headed back to her new friend. "I..don't eat meat. I never really liked the taste of it," she admitted. Kieranna burst into a fit of laughter. She put her arm around the young paladin, I guess we will just have to find some kind of rabbit food for you. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be vegetarian!" The huntress smiled again, "Keep your head up. I will look after you as long as you need it. Just relax and discover who you are in this world."] Dear Journal, Training is giong well and Kieranna has been so great to me! She has such a beautiful home and her pets are surprisingly very well behaved. I am trying my best to learn everything I possibly can in training. I know it is important to learn and chose the right path for me. I know I definitely do not want to be Retribution. That is…just not me. Honestly, I think Protection would be the best fit. I want to be able to protect my friends and family….if even have any left. I'm so scared that I have lost Seri too. I haven't heard anything from here in such a long time. I miss her so much. I'm so scared that I have lost her too. She is the only family I have left. I really hope she writes soon. Saephere turned a few pages further into her journal. A wrinkled piece of partchement fell out and onto her lap. She stared at the parchment as if it were going to turn into a living thing and bite her hand off. Unfolding the parchment she placed it flat on her journal. Bal'a dash Saephere Dawnfeather, We regret to inform you that your sister, Serixie Dawnfeather has fallen in battle. Sincerely, The Regent General of Silvermoon [saephere lay curled up on her bed in the darkened room. She had drawn the curtains over the window sending the room into pure blackness. Uncontrollable sobs escaped the young paladin, the letter about her sister clutched tightly in her hand. A soft knock broke the silence that engulfed the room. Saephere did not budge from her position on the bed. The door cracked open slightly, allowing the light from the house to filter in. Kieranna pushed a small tray of food and tea into the room. She knew Saephere would not be hungry now, but hopefully she would eat something a little later. Kieranna closed the door once again plunging Saephere's room in darkness and silence save for the ragged breathing coming from Saephere.] Saephere folded the letter and placed it back into the journal. No longer wishing to visit that time in her life, she skipped several pages in the journal and found an entry more towards the back of the book. Dear Journal, They have kept me soooo busy in Outland! There is so much to do, so much to learn here. I have visited Hellfire Peninsula and Zangermarsh so far. I have also heard stories about a land to the North. A land covered in ice and infested with undead. Kieranna told me I need to take all of the training that outland can offer me to be ready for that land…ready for Northrend. Dear Journal, I had the strangest dream last night. It took me a while to figure out who's voice it was, but it was hers. I thought she was dead. I got the note that she was dead. Could she be alive? Her voice sounded very different. Hollow and metallic almost…but I KNOW it was her. I know it was her voice! I just wish I knew what was going on. Was it just my mind playing tricks on me because I miss her so much? Or was it something else…. ["You have grown strong young one" A distant voice caressed the inner reaches of Saephere's consciousness. "Last time, my eyes fell upon you, we were in the orphanage." Saephere's breath quickened as she tossed and turned in her bed. "Soon we will be together again". The voice sounded so familiar yet so....unfamiliar. "The time will come soon enough young one...together again.....at last." The voice fadded into the distance. Saephere bolted into a sitting position, her ears listening for traces of movement in her room. Beads of sweat had formed and clung to her brow. "Saephere? Are you ok?" A comforting voice came from just beyond the curtain. A cool breeze met Saephere as the curtains were pulled aside, revealing a strong slim figure standing above her. Kieranna knelt down beside Saephere's bed. "Are you ok? You were causing quite a commotion in your sleep." she said as she placed her hand on Saephere's head. "It' was just a dream. I am ok Kier." Kieranna did not look convinced. A soft sigh escaped the redhead's lips. "Really, I am ok." Saephere forced a smile to appear. Kieranna's emerald orbs traced Saephere's face, searching for answers that may be etched in. Silence blanketed the room as the two sat staring at each other. "I'm here if you need me young one." Kieranna whispered into the night. She grasped Saephere's hands for a brief moment before taking her leave back to her own room. Saephere made her way to her bedroom window overlooking the streets of Silvermoon. Saephere watched as the night owls roamed around the city going about their business. Her thoughts racing back to the dream and back to the conversation with Kieranna. It was a dream...wasn't it?] Dear Journal, I feel like I am going crazy! I could have sworn I saw Seri! She looked different though. She was very pale and her hair was black instead of blonde. It was the same style as mine though, same style we always had. Part of me wants to believe that Seri has come back to me….but how can I believe that when I got the letter! "How indeed?" Saephere asked herself. Letting out a sigh she closed her journal. Seconds dragged on, Saephere staring at the small book in her hands. After what seemed like an eternity, Saephere placed the journal back into the jewelbox and stowed it safely under the bed. She spared one last glance at the box before she grabbed her travelers pack and headed for the door. Her hand clasped around the cool metal of the door knob of the front door. She pulled the door open to come face to face with a raven haired blood elf, fist in the air ready to knock on said door that was just opened. Shock etched it's way across Saephere's face, her heat stopped mid beat. The raven heard girls smiled as warmly as she could with her cold blueish grey skin ton. Serixie's metallic voice whispered, "Hello, Saeph. I'm home."
  10. This thing looks legit. It looks like the Blizz launcher. It asks for all of your information and then your account is compromised. No...my account is not compromised. But I've seen this thing and you need to watch for it. Be careful Crushers.
  11. Cheers all! Thank you very much everyone who put this on. It was so much fun!
  12. Bal'a dash, I am Kieranna the Hunter My kill shots echo like thunder. With a command to my pet And my ammunition all set Enemies are sure to surrender! *blush* Hope you all likes...I know it's not very good hehehehe
  13. Kieranna

    New Scam

    Hey all! I got a whisper earlier this morning from a "GM" saying my account was suspended and to go to to for http://us.sdo.ac/wow.html for further information. Obviously a scam :/ So just giving you all a warning. Don't go to the website.
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