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  1. A blonde blood knight sat cross-legged on her bed holding book of parchment bound in leather and a quill that was formed from her dearest friend's owl, Errol. On the front cover of the book was a golden script stating "To my dearest friend, Love Kieranna". Saephere sat quietly staring at the blank page of parchment momentarily as she traced her jaw with the owl feathered quill. She dipped the quill in the inkwell next to her on the bed, being careful as to not spill it. "Dear Journal, It has been many years since Serixie came back to me and it almost seems about that long since I have writte
  3. OOOORI! omg omg Ori! HAI! I'm so happy to hear from you. Glad to see things are going well. Sent you a friend request on facebook TTFN
  4. Shelah! :dancing_smile: Hope you have a great day!
  5. Hey all congratulations
  6. *Runs into basecamp full box of hot pink fireproof scrunchies in hand* HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAR! *Ties a few scrunchies to each ear and his tail. Saephere takes a few steps back and tilts her head slightly to the side to admire her work* Kieranna off to the side watching Baracko get bathed in scrunchies, falls off her chair laughing. "Bar, you look just beautiful" Kier says in between fits of laughter. Edit: Oops...Happy Belated Birthday Bar
  7. Happy Birthday Holy! Happy Birthday!
  8. Yay, no more polka-dancing with trash mobs (soon). Um Holy, you should know the Blizzard definition of the word soon by now ;o) http://www.wowwiki.com/Soon
  9. **note [text] in the past* The young paladin sat, cross-legged on the floor of her room in front of a small battered box. The old gem covered box contained what few items she had left of her past; the things she held close to her heart; a few faded photographs of her family, her journal, and a ring that once belonged to her older sister. The box itself use to be her mother's. Her fingers gently traced the edges of the golden item. Holding her breath as she opened the box, the hinges creaked from age and the lack of use. It had been such a long time since she revisited the memori
  10. This thing looks legit. It looks like the Blizz launcher. It asks for all of your information and then your account is compromised. No...my account is not compromised. But I've seen this thing and you need to watch for it. Be careful Crushers.
  11. Cheers all! Thank you very much everyone who put this on. It was so much fun!
  12. Bal'a dash, I am Kieranna the Hunter My kill shots echo like thunder. With a command to my pet And my ammunition all set Enemies are sure to surrender! *blush* Hope you all likes...I know it's not very good hehehehe
  13. Kieranna

    New Scam

    Hey all! I got a whisper earlier this morning from a "GM" saying my account was suspended and to go to to for http://us.sdo.ac/wow.html for further information. Obviously a scam :/ So just giving you all a warning. Don't go to the website.
  14. Grats Visskar! You got them all right. :o) I hope you had fun guessing them.
  15. Welcome back, and anytime I'm on and have time, I would love to help you out :o)
  16. Really??? No one wants a Cask of Dalaran Red? Those casks are worth a few hundred gold....... Ok, how about this. 200 gold flat out for the winner :cP You heard me...er you saw me correctly. 200 gold flat out for the winner. Send your answers to the quote game to my PM (I even cleaned out my inbox just for this) or to Saephere's in game mail. I'll Give you all until Thursday, 3pm server time to get your answers to me and ok ok you can use the internet to try and figure out the quotes. Best of luck and GO GO GO DUCKIES!
  17. *Syrrel goes running into the Clan Skullcrusher camp. She cackles as she looks around for a victim. She spots Anamarie. Her grin gets even wider as she begins to chant rapidly under her breath. She mind controls Anamarie and has her run around camp wearing a Clanger's chestpice and Uggy's leggings.* *Saephere giggles before she decides to get up and help Anamarie. Using Arcane Torrent, she silences Syrrel* Be nice Sy. *Syrrel mutters and gives a brief wave before leaving the camp* ((Sorry guys, I'm bored and you get random thoughts)) Scary eh? Randome thoughts comming from me? Even
  18. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a peachytastic day
  19. Hello Hamfist raiders! I just wanted to say it has been an honor and a pleasure working with all of you. Unfortunately, with my new work schedule, I will not be able to raid these days any longer. Tonight will be my last night with the raid. I will miss you and best of luck in the upcoming raids. Show Ulduar what you are made of! <3 Saephere P.S. FEAR THE HAMFIST! O.O
  20. Just a little more Sunday humor. I'm in a good mood. It's my Friday How many rogues does it take to kill a paladin? Answer: Two. One to attack and the other waits at the inn. /bubble hearth *cackles*
  21. /miss harne /agree /miss harne Woot! Now today is Friday *dances happily*
  22. Grats! And suuuuuure....just rub in that today is friday to the ones who have the abnormal schedules :cP This is only my Wednesday.
  23. A mighty Orc warrior walks into a tavern to order a drink, and he notices standing on the keys of a nearby piano was a Gnome. A very short Gnome, short for even for one of his kind. And immediately the Gnome starts running up and down the piano keys, dancing, cartwheeling and somersaulting, flawlessly landing on the correct keys time and time again. The music he produced was incredible. This little gnome was just brilliant! So astonished, the orc walked up to the bartender and asked, "that little gnome is amazing, where did you get him?" He looked at the Orc and smiled. "Oh I was given this
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