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  1. lefou

    Ug Latz!

    Who is Gwendilyn?! And damn I tried to change my name to Gwendilyn before settling on Soo, but it was taken =(
  2. lefou

    Ug Latz!

    I got a random Email from someone playing a forum game here and realized I still had access. Here are some pics from my site wearing the tag. Ah memories: I've been living with Vendes in Atlanta, GA for over a year now. And some fun stuff: These days I'm raiding with the <Winter Wolves> as "Soo" because I got bored of male animations after 2 years.
  3. We'll see a new patch soon, I predict.
  4. Bahaha >D By the way, Carolyn just got back from Florida, sporting a new tattoo on her lower lower back. It's a butterfly growing vines with two eyes inlaid, one green and one blue (our eye colors) looking over a rose. And looking over me when I'm behind her. Creepy :-/ She also brought back one of these mousepads, which was gifted to her:
  5. If Carolyn wants to go I'll bring Lefou.
  6. Bahah Check out this stuff. I remember when MC Hawking first came out, hilarious =) http://mcchris.com/
  7. After my post I revised my spec. I now have improved fort but not spirit. I've tested this spec today and found it to be much nicer for healing than going deeper into the discipline tree. True, I had 8400 mana and fast regen and low-cost instants doing it that way, but my greater heals were very inefficient. In AQ20 this weekI was running out of mana too fast just because I had to cast a lot more. The new GH do ~2800 and crit ~4100. Clearcasting and the Blue Dragon trinket are fun; they proc every now and then and keep things interesting. I haven't used the Spirit of Redemption yet, but the +5% to spirit bonus is not bad for one talent point. http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=dxg0zhZfxxcc0qVh
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