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  1. This is definitely the case now. I went and gave it a shot solo as well. The regular mobs i.e. skeletons and spiders are no issue, but the ghosts just wipe you out. I did get some progress when I lured skeletons into a ghosts room then died. When I came back in the skeleton fought the ghost and killed it for me. But that is not a regular method. I think they'll be tweaked. I saw on the forums that some had success using death ray on ghosts or something. I'm assuming magical ability but at this point I can't complete the Ravensmoor quest
  2. With the character wipe. New character name is Wolf Seeker
  3. I will check this out. I have no idea how much I'd be able to play so if it comes down to a lottery for keys, choose someone that would know they could commit over me. Otherwise I'd be in
  4. Wolf


    Too funny. I still like my drink in case anyone was concerned
  5. Wolf


    Howdy folks. Just dropping by to say Hey. Looks like a vast majority of you are still giving it. Nice to see. I like to troll now and again to see who's up to what. Who knows. Maybe one day I'll turn the gaming engines back on, but animation has taken over as my primary hobby for the last couple of years. Fun stuff. Anyways. Nice to pop in and see so many of you still about. Cheers
  6. Crazy Americans having Thanksgiving so late in the year!. Enjoy your Turkey day everyone
  7. Yeah, but nobody asked you.... I'd be up for pretty much anywhere. Being from Toronto (That's in Canada for those that aren't familiar with geography outside their county ...I kid because I love) Travel anywhere in the States is a road trip. You could throw Niagara Falls into the mix there too as it has Casino's, siteseeing, golf, funhouses, strip joints (errr.. um...I mean The Ballet), wax museums, wine country. etc...
  8. An Urgent memo for Baracko, delivered to me. Please click to view URGENT MESSAGE FOR BARACKO
  9. A little tidbit on the Iclone developers blog news site from the Skullcrusher trailer we made. http://www.animizemedia.com/wordpress/?cat=2
  10. Or maybe I can make more incorporating me stabbing you?
  11. Today is the official Worldwide Release of the Clan Skullcrusher Theatrical Trailer. The video can be viewed here: Clan Skullcrusher Theatrical Trailer I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Cheerio
  12. Martok is still here in WoW. Other than that, not too many of the old hands kicking about in agame anyways
  13. Unfortunate that his sould has been trapped in the body of a lesser creature and so far from civilized lands. Perhaps, we can destroy it's human host and release the trapped soul to return home. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Great to hear from you Kal - You know it's time for you to set up a Hordey with us on Argent Dawn.
  14. O.k aspiring screenwriters, listen up. It's time to collectively create a Clan Skullcrusher theatrical trailer. Think of the WoW trailer intro movies and you'll know where I'm going with this. I want to do one for Clan Skullcrusher. All we need is a good storyboard. I have been dabbling with 3d animation software for the last year and now can put together proper high quality CG movies. THIS SAMPLE LINK gives an idea of the stuff that we can do (This was one of my first test samples so they only get better). I'd like to combine CG scenes with some in game footage attached to a voice over
  15. Lovely post. Take what life throws at you....and make a meatball sandwhich. Feel free to substitute meatball sandwhich with any other uplifting thought of your own Bew well
  16. Wolf

    Hello Again

    Sleep......good. Boredom.....bad Talking to other adults.....goood
  17. Wolf

    Robert Jordan

    A fine author. And from what I've read about him as a man, a fine human being. Always a loss when someone that can reach so many passes.
  18. Wolf

    Hello All

    While lurking on the boards, I get the sense that many people are out and about doing many different things, some for the content, some for the grind and some for just plain ole fun. For those of you that do know me, I haven't been in game basically at all for the last little while as I've been working on some other hobbies and interests which brings me to my point. Over the last several months, I've gotten involved with all kinds of fun software that revolves around animation and movie making. The Honor Empire and the guilds/clans within it, have always been a focal point and outlet for my
  19. Wolf

    Pro Gaming

    For those that find these things amusing an article for your pleasure: We're pleased to announce that World of Warcraft will be one of the featured games in this year's Championship Gaming Series (CGS) World Championship. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade players on the European and North American realms have the opportunity to secure a spot in the upcoming CGS draft, to be held at BlizzCon. Players who are drafted onto CGS teams will earn $30,000 - $100,000 or more annually in salaries and bonuses as professional gamers. Ladders All teams participating in 2-vs.-2 Arena System
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