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I'm getting married!


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My fiance Matt and I are getting married here soon, hopefully on January 1, 2007, before I move to be with him in West Virginia. We're both positively thrilled, though there's a lot to plan in between now and then, even though it'll be a relatively small wedding. The service will be here in Florida (where I live) and we're really crossing our fingers for a honeymoon in Ireland.

I just thought I'd let you all know. :D You can bet I'll post some wedding pictures here.

So wish me luck; I'll need it, considering I not only have to plan a move, but now a wedding as well! :p

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you and matt gonna have baby rats together?

Actually, I have two female rats and he has a male, so... hahaha.

Way to go Piper !!! Now we shall see how good your ((husband)) taming skills are !!! (grinin)

I wish you both the best of luck !!

(( oh and I want a postcard from ireland. ))

He's already the one who cooks and does all that, so I guess I've done well! Haha. I get to sit around while he makes dinner, mainly because I'm not to be trusted in the kitchen. And a postcard it is, then!

What was expected for a long time is, at last, coming into reality...

Yeah, this is totally unexpected, the way things are starting to turn out... so we're pleased, to say the very least.

Thanks, everybody.

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I take it us crazy folk arent invited, eh? *grin*

You all just want to come for the food! I KNOW IT.

Haha, imagine explaining that one. "Oh, allow me to introduce you! These are some of my guildmates from this MMORPG I roleplay on!" People already think we're nuts half the time when they find out how Matt and I met... haha. :p

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