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  1. When receiving a link it's best to send a reply asking what the link is for, even if the link was labeled. This virus doesnt have any responses programed into it and will just ignore you. So if you can't get a response from whoever is sending the link just shut that chat window until you get a chance to speak with that person. The link will still be in your history file for you to access later if it turns out to be legit.
  2. conga rats and mambo monkeys! One of the biggest commitments anyone can make, but also most rewarding by far
  3. Im thinking the first would be either a fence or a wall
  4. Hopefully the "second phase" will make dyes available. The site doesnt show them as being available at this time. Also, it doesnt seem to be up and running quite yet. Either that or they majorly decreased the drop rate 0_o
  5. Chris

    Today's MC

    it was cancelled
  6. Chris


    Bring your friends with you. Making the switch would be a rewarding experience as this guild has grown to be one of the absolute best on the server. (and Im sure we can get you back to 22 no problem)
  7. <speaks up> I could use the shoulders and chest for the black dragonscale set if there's enough available
  8. However, that has not yet been done, so all the ones out there currently are illegally made and should be treated as such.
  9. Well, as far as pvp goes it's pretty much "Put that sword away you dumb ### noob! Stop killing people and HEAL!!!! !#@$% NO WSG FOR YOU!!!!". That about sums up my experience as a paladin.
  10. Happy birthday. so.... how many people got him soap?
  11. TRAITORS! doom upon you all! <proceeds to poison everyone while hiding his level 6... *gasp* PALADIN>
  12. Chris

    New Patch

    It's because they did such a crappy job on 3d in the first place that it SUCKS.
  13. Chris


    it said that after haggling over the price of meat an enraged butcher would beat me to death with a frozen beef tongue
  14. ello again Kiiri (this is Cyva btw )
  15. Chris


    havent heard of anyone named Mishaw, but I think I saw a Mishar lurking about...
  16. 1) leave artifacts in place 2) give all crafters with high enough skill the ability to create items with magical properties. Higher skill, as well as runic tools improve the chances of and potency of properties. 3) adjust the number of levels of runic tool for each crafting skill so that all crafting skills have the same number of runic levels (i.e. currently it is easier to get the highest quality runic sewing kit than the highest quality runic hammer) 4) make all runics come as a result of bods as that system represents what crafters should be doing anyway 5) make a wider variety playable races available. Focus first on giving each race the abilities that befit the race and then balance any that are grossly overpowered. Keep in mind that humans should be the most common playable race, so there should be good reason to play them. 6) Eliminate powerscrolls completely. The game was originally designed around 100.0 skill being the high end, so having higher than that in any combat skill renders high end monsters of the past obsolete and useless. 7) take super speed away from paragons. Instead give them an increase to their skills so they will hit for higher damage and defend themselves more effectively than their lesser brethren. 8) switch faction silver over to a point-based system similar to that currently used by Dark Age of Camelot. Faction members would receive titles based on the total number of points they have ever earned. They can spend points (without lowering their title) to purchase various exclusive items and abilities which would be usable only by the character who earned it. 9) return the old volunteer programs into active status, but with legal safeguards in place to crush anyone who tries to abuse the position. 10) make customer satisfaction the number one goal of the GM team. 11) Improve the alliance system to be more useful and user-friendly 12) add an option to remove your own ability to initiate combat against guildmates and allies. This would decrease the occurence of "friendly fire" incidents on hunts and give more reason for guilds to use the alliance system if they intend to hunt together. 13) change the targeting system so that you no longer HAVE to click on the target. This would make it easier for a player on a 56k connection to target someone on a high speed connection who keeps speeding all over the place.
  17. i've actually been thinking of playing through it on multiplayer again just for kicks
  18. Contacting Borg can be an iffy and time-consuming process at times. Im not in the position to give you an official answer, but due to the continued investment he makes to maintain PGoH structures despite having moved on to other games himself, I'd estimate the chances of selling to be pretty low unless it were to aid in the acquisition of a larger structure in the area. *finally pauses to take a breath* That said, I would like to discuss the possibility of buying your keep from you, as well as any other structures in the area.
  19. here's a link to the old battle tactics manual CLICKY! More info CLICKY! And a quote from our emperor: "The Golden Rule: KNOW YOUR BATTLEFIELD. 2. Know your enemies, their abilities, weaknesses and strengths. 3. Know your own abilities, weaknesses, and strengths. 4. Never guess or underestimate an enemies attributes. 5. Know where the nearest Ankh or Wandering Healer or Town is. Nothings worse than being unable to find the healers... 6. (this rule i still have lots of trouble with) Do your UTMOST to try and keep from attacking friendlies. Especially Pets. I really gotta work on that one myself... COURTESY TACTICS Golden Rule here: If someone helps you, you help them. 1. This goes for those that have rezzed you, cured you, healed you, returned looted items, led monsters away from you, and let you have loot they didnt want. 2. Do not attack a creature one hit to loot it after someone else kills it. this is extremely aggravating. "
  20. Role Players Ring Catskills EORP NOTE: The EORP board is shutting down, so please make any posts on the RP Ring board instead. Note: The Announcements and Events section of the EORP board contains a pinned post listing the times when various taverns are open for business throughout the week. These are great places to meet characters you havent interacted with before
  21. At our current size I see no real need for more "cohorts" unless amazon characters really catch on as a major thing (like 10+ players playing amazon characters in the guild). Also, if you make an exception on uniforms for one type of character you'll be expected to make the exception more and more often.
  22. I found out about the game while digging around on ebay in 2000. Bought a copy of The Second Age and was overjoyed when I found an ostard wandering around haven (until I found out that nobody there could tame it for me). The leader of the first trustworthy guild I was in was the one who first mentioned PGoH to me and referred to them as good people. Not long after that, a guildmate discovered the undead player-run city of Satamarin and we both decided to try imitating the people there in order to sneak around unnoticed and see what they were up to (i was the vampire and he got to be a lowly ghoul ). Of course I got hooked on rp and applied to PGoH as soon as my time in the other guild came to an end. Now you're all stuck with me whether you like it or not
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