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  1. A little update, for those who remember. I disappeared, faded into the yellow pages of PGoH history. Game speaking, the cancellation of 3D took the last wind from my sail of gaming. It was not easy getting to it as it is. Cancellation of an international credit card "helped" (that was a very stupid bank/credit card company error) If not every day, then every other day I think of all you and I miss playing and chatting (even if it was only on the forums in my last active months) I hope all of you are doing well, in game but more importantly, in life. Things have been tough, but not for the worse. I may update some more next week. In the meantime, here are a few pictures: Here I am with my big boy Erez (He just loves heavy machinery): The newer addition to our family, Hadas: Well, he loves the little one! And last: This is ME and my boy (Almost a year ago) we have some in common Can you believe someone really asked me how I took the picture? I needed to bite my toungue not to explode laughing! ("Yes, I put the camera on the stand, circled it fast enough to go back in time and THEN I took the picture")
  2. ohhhhhh..... WOW GREAT!!!!! WAHOO!!!! YIPEEEEEE!!!!!!!
  3. Eisaac

    Charlies Manga

    I'll wait anxiously for more!
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    KR ftl....

    (We) I waited so long for UO:KR and even suffered the 2D for some time when they cancelled my preferred 3D version. But, sadly, UO:KR really took all the wind from my UO sails. And I did give it a test run and submitted more than a few bugs and proposals. Hopefully they will accept some!
  5. second (on the way!!! !!!!!!!)
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