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  1. When receiving a link it's best to send a reply asking what the link is for, even if the link was labeled. This virus doesnt have any responses programed into it and will just ignore you. So if you can't get a response from whoever is sending the link just shut that chat window until you get a chance to speak with that person. The link will still be in your history file for you to access later if it turns out to be legit.
  2. conga rats and mambo monkeys! One of the biggest commitments anyone can make, but also most rewarding by far
  3. Im thinking the first would be either a fence or a wall
  4. Hopefully the "second phase" will make dyes available. The site doesnt show them as being available at this time. Also, it doesnt seem to be up and running quite yet. Either that or they majorly decreased the drop rate 0_o
  5. Chris

    Today's MC

    it was cancelled
  6. Chris


    Bring your friends with you. Making the switch would be a rewarding experience as this guild has grown to be one of the absolute best on the server. (and Im sure we can get you back to 22 no problem)
  7. <speaks up> I could use the shoulders and chest for the black dragonscale set if there's enough available
  8. However, that has not yet been done, so all the ones out there currently are illegally made and should be treated as such.
  9. Well, as far as pvp goes it's pretty much "Put that sword away you dumb ### noob! Stop killing people and HEAL!!!! !#@$% NO WSG FOR YOU!!!!". That about sums up my experience as a paladin.
  10. Happy birthday. so.... how many people got him soap?
  11. TRAITORS! doom upon you all! <proceeds to poison everyone while hiding his level 6... *gasp* PALADIN>
  12. Chris

    New Patch

    It's because they did such a crappy job on 3d in the first place that it SUCKS.
  13. Chris


    it said that after haggling over the price of meat an enraged butcher would beat me to death with a frozen beef tongue
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