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  1. I am sorry that I missed the first meeting, I had some work issues that had to be addressed. Nadjhia
  2. Okay, since you have some free time ... here's some Trig, World History, First Responder, and some research for my thesis that we can catch up on. :giggles:
  3. I am still alive, just been working since Christmas ... and now my classes have started. I will try to sneak in during the weekdays and hone my Sith powers Nadjhia
  4. I love everything about the game except: Things are way too expensive, and the space combat is very disappointing. Keeping it short and sweet
  5. Main: Nadjhia Alts: Adora (in Vigilance), Lexx & Suki (will be in Cantina regulars) WoW: Nadjhia Forums: Nadjhia
  6. You are all welcome! Remember, if you find a great source of SW:TOR information, you can link it under the game mechanics forum. Nadjhia
  7. I am in! Nadhjia - Imperial Agent (Dark Side) Lexx - Smuggler (Light Side - waiting to join Cantina Regulars)
  8. Kindred, you are welcome. I will be studying this and others until I get my access email :-)
  9. I will be using Rhazzka as my legacy name. I started using it in SWG and feel I should use it in TOR :-)
  10. GAME ON!!! As I will quote from the ancient scrolls of our gaming history.... Lock n load ladies.....Leave the cord at the door!!!....FULL.....METAL....JACKET......LETS ROCK!!! *taps finger and toes waiting for email entry to early access* So ready....downed 3 redbulls......im WIRED....bzzzzzzzzzz Is it midnight yet? Oooo, you might wanna take a nap. I got an email saying the invites were going to start being sent at 7am CST. ::ducks in case things are thrown::
  11. Here's a helpful chart for the Crew Skills:
  12. What is that shiny datacron for? Read all about them here and how to turn them into matrix cubes.
  13. The following link has an abundance of information on Items, NPCs, Missions, Locations, Recipes, Companions, Codex, Abilities, and Tools in a nice layout. Darth Hater's Database
  14. I found this amazing site when I was surfing the net one day. Hope it helps someone else out as well as it did me: http://liberi-fatali.net/the-old-republic/star-wars-the-old-republic-guide-and-faq/
  15. Woohoo! something to do on my day off tomorrow
  16. Welcome to the guild! I look forward to 'meeting' you in-game.
  17. We can always roll a 1d12 to help make our decision :-)
  18. I was finally able to test out the Imperial Agent, and I have to say I love it better than BH! I have decided to have this prof as my main, because being a sniper is awesome! Marie
  19. Thank you, Huato ... maybe they'll be sending out more later?
  20. NO! I don't wanna be alone ::giggles:: )
  21. Will you still be on Canderous Ordo server this weekend? It seems I got lucky again and gaines a beta invite for tomorrow Marie
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